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Sony a6300 mirrorless digital camera body

Product Code: 7015051E
The Sony a6300 breaks numerous world records for interchangeable lens cameras with APS-C sized sensors. Its newly developed 24.2MP sensor works with the BIONZ X processor to deliver incredible images, and 4K video capability.
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Sony a6300 Digital compact system camera

  • World’s fastest autofocus* of 0.05 seconds using Sony’s 4D FOCUS system
  • Highest number of autofocus points** with 425 phase detection AF points
  • Up to 11fps continuous shooting and 8fps live-view continuous shooting
  • 24.2MP APS-C Exmor CMOS sensor
  • BIONZ X image processor
  • ISO range from 100-51,200
  • 4K video capability in Super 35mm format
  • Full HD video at 120fps at 100Mbps
  • 4x and 5x slow motion video
  • 2.4M-dot XGA OLED Tru-Finder
  • Silent shooting functionality
  • WiFi and NFC compatible

*Amongst interchangeable lens cameras with an APS-C sized sensor
**Amongst interchangeable lens cameras

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Our Verdict

The Sony a6300 expands upon the achievements of its older brother, the Sony a6000 by breaking new ground in terms of focusing, video capture, and continuous shooting. The ability to record Full HD video in slow motion is also a huge positive, and it delivers incredible high resolution images that are often found on much more expensive cameras.

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We Love
  • Its record-breaking autofocus speed
  • The addition of 4K video
  • Continuous shooting at up to 11 frames per second
Product features in detail


a6300 Focus Button Close Up

Using Sony’s 4D FOCUS system previously found on the Sony a6000, the Sony 6300 mirrorless camera boasts the world’s fastest autofocus of just 0.05 seconds (amongst interchangeable lens cameras with an APS-C sized sensor) by using a Fast Hybrid autofocus system, combining highly accurate contrast autofocus with high-speed phase detection autofocus. Setting yet another world record, it also has an unbelievable 425 phase detection autofocus points - the highest number on any interchangeable lens camera.

It also features high-density tracking autofocus which greatly improves its tracking performance and subject detection. This allows for a large amount of autofocus points to be activated around a subject - roughly 7.5x more than on its a6000 predecessor, and it adjusts them intelligently in accordance with the motion of the subject. Furthermore, the a6300 offers expanded flexible spot autofocus and you can also use autofocus in focus magnifier mode, and Eye AF in AF-C mode. 

The focusing accuracy, enhanced tracking, and 425 phase detection autofocus points are all available when using Sony A-mount lenses, when combined with a mount adapter such as the Sony LA-EA3. This is the first time this has been possible on Sony E-mount interchangeable lens cameras with an APS-C sensor, previously only found on the Sony a7 II and Sony a7R II full frame cameras.

Continuous shooting

The Sony a6300 can continuously shoot at up to 11fps with continuous autofocus and exposure tracking. In live-view mode, it can continuously shoot at 8fps, offering completely accurate framing of fast-moving subjects on the Tru-finder or LCD screen.

Sensor, engine, and ISO

a6300 sensor close up

The 6300 compact system camera has a newly developed 24.2 megapixel APC-C Exmor CMOS sensor which, together with the BIONZ X image processing engine, captures incredible images with low noise throughout its ISO range of 100-51,200.

The sensor incorporates copper wiring which greatly increases readout speed and improves light collection efficiency. The BIONZ X processor has an upgraded processing algorithm which makes the most of the sensor’s capabilities.


a6300 4K branding close up

A welcome addition to the a6300 is the ability to record 4K video in Super 35mm format. In this mode, the camera utilises full pixel readout without pixel binning, to gather 20MP of data - roughly 2.4x (6K equivalent) as many pixels as 4K UHD. It then oversamples the data to deliver outstanding high resolution footage with unbelievable depth and detail. By using the XAVC S codec which records at 100Mbps when recording in 4K, and 50Mbps during Full HD capture, maximum clarity and detail is guaranteed. 

The a6300 can focus around twice as fast as the 6000 when recording video, and you can adjust autofocus tracking sensitivity and speed. The camera also offers silent shooting functionality.

Yet another new addition to APS-C interchangeable lens cameras is the ability to record Full HD at 120 frames per second at 100Mbps. In this mode, you can review and edit your footage into 4x or 5x slow motion movie files in Full HD at 24p or 30p with autofocus tracking. Additionally, S-Log gamma recording is available for wide dynamic range shooting, allowing for around 14-stop latitude in S-Log3 gamma setting, and it supports S-Gamut for a wider colour space.

The camera comes with microphone line input and also supports XLR microphones, with the use of Sony’s XLR adapter kit. Furthermore, it features the new Gamma Display Assist, which lets you monitor your images or focus when capturing S-Log videos. The enhanced Zebra functionality allows for greater exposure control, and picture profile settings are also available, as well as Time Code / User Bit.


a6300 Electronic viewfinder close up

The a6300 has an XGA organic LED Tru-Finder which has around 2.4 million dots for brilliant corner-to-corner visibility. A new mode makes subject tracking easier than ever before, as it lets you display images at 120 frames per second, so action is smooth and shows minimal afterimages.

Wi-Fi and NFC

The Sony a6300 is both Wi-fi and NFC compatible and fully compatible with Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android platforms, and is also fully functional with Sony’s expanding range of Playmemories Camera Apps, adding a variety of creative options. It can also use QR codes to easily connect to non-NFC smart phones.

Design and construction

Constructed from a durable magnesium alloy, the a6300 is very robust and is also dust and moisture-resistant. It has a reinforced lens mount structure, a new shutter release button and a mode dial with improved operability and grip.

You can customise the camera to match your individual shooting style, with 9 customisable buttons that you can assign one of 64 different functions to.

What else is included in the box?
  • NP-FW50 rechargeable battery
  • Shoulder strap
  • Body cap
  • Accessory shoe cap
  • Eyepiece cup
  • Micro USB cable
Ultimate resolution 4K movie in Super 35mm
Advanced 4D Focus
Fast Hybrid AF in 4K Movies
5x Slow Motion in Full HD

Full Details

4.MP exmor CMOS image sensor

The new 4. map exmor CMOS sensor rses the br of mgng performance. its copper wring and enhnced crcutry make t possible to lower the wring lyer and boost light collecton effcency, in order to capture low-nose images with wide sensitivity range up to sO 511. The use of copper rses readout speed as well as the potentl of advanced 4K and Full HD 1fps shooting.

High-speed BONZ X image processing engine

How do the superor speed, power andeffcency of the BONZ X image processor unlesh the potentl and sensitivity of the new image sensor" with in algorithm optimised for the new image sensor to provide stills and moves with unrvlled resolution andreproduce greatertexture and detail, particularly t mid-to-High sO settings

45 phase-detection F points

Wth the world's most (45) focl plane phase-detection F points helpng to provide distnictively wide and dense F point coverge, the α611 focuses moreacaciaurtely, effcently and relbly on subjects throughout the frame.

1.15-sec. fst  F

The α611 achieves the world's fstest (1.15 sec.) F speed with the enhnced Fst Hybrid F's integrated autofocusing performance and the uncnny effcency of the BONZ X image processing engine to handle so much informaton with stonshngacaciaurcy

High-densty tracking F Technology

For supremely Reliableacaciaurcy and tracking stability, new High-densty tracking F Technology ctvtes F points to cover the are round the subject with pprox. 7.5 times is much density is the 6111. Only this focal plane phase-detection autofocus function can semlessly ctvte F points and Track subjects movng withan frame with such unerring precision.

High-speed live-view Continuous shooting

Clerly capture count with High-speed Continuous shooting at up to fps. Or choose mong three speeds up to 8fps,acaciaordng to the shooting stuton, for live-view Continuous shooting with very little lag on the eVF or LCD screen, to get the sense of mmedcy of shooting with in opitcal viewfinder.

Focal plane phase-detection F for -mount lenses

The α611 offers focal plane phase-detection F even when in -mount lens is mounted Using mount dptor (L-e) from sony. so you can take adivantage of the autofocus system's uniquely wide coverge provided by 45 focal plane phase-detection F points, as well as fst, fludtracking performance when shooting with other lenses as well as e-mount lenses.

XG OLeD Tru-Finder

The α611 introduces High-contrast, High-resolution, High-vsblty XG OLeD Tru-Finder that reproduces drkness and colour in very fine detail, as well as mode to display images t the Higher frame rte of 1fps (11fps), so you can see count smoothly and Track t easily on this electronc viewfinder.

4K move recording

4K move recording in the super 5mm format with full pixel readout and no pixel binning allows pprox. .4 times s much informaton is s bsclly required for 4K (QFHD: 841 x 61). data this rch s, in fct, equivalent to 6K dt, so t clerly conveys the ultmte resolution in 4K images.

Full HD 1fps shooting and 4x/5x slow moton recording

You can shoot High-quality Full HD footage, even in Full HD 1fps (11fps) High-speed shooting with F tracking t High bt rte up to 11Mbps. Otherwse, the camera can record 4x/5x slow moton moves internally when the frame rte is set t 1p (5p) or 4p.

S-Gmut/S-Log shooting

S-Gmut/S-Log shooting give you flexibility to make more expressve moves by performing colour grdng in post-producton. The s-Log and s-Log gamma curves feature wide dynamic range (up to 11%) to minmize whateout and blckout. The α611 even offers impressve 4-stop latitude in s-Log gamma setting.The camera also supports s-Gmut, s-Gmut, and s-Gmut. Cne colour space from sony. *S-Log and s-Log are premsed on processing pictures.

Silent shooting

Silent shooting mode releases the shutter without sound, even in Continuous shooting up to pprox. fps with F/e tracking, so it's very convenient for shooting indoor performances, outdoor wldlfe, and in other situations where silence is essentl. To turn this mode on/off more intutvely and less intrusvely, assign t to customisablebutton.

One-touch remote/One-touch shring

One-touch remote makes your smrtphone or tablet viewfinder/remote control. One-touch shring trnsfers photos/Videos to your devce for sNS shring. Just instll PlyMemores mobile app v W-F to your inFC-enbled androd devce, then touch the devce to the camera to connect them. no inFC" no problem, is new QR code comptability can also pr the devces.

enhnced Fst Hybrid F for moves

Now, Fst Hybrid F makes move autofocus exceptonlly precse, so it's especially vluble for 4Krecording. in addition to very dense phase-detection F point rry, this system in the α611 features adjustble F drive speed and F tracking sensitivity to help you express more cretvty by Minpultng focus, is far is conditions and your mgnton allow.

F in Focus Mgnfer

You can use autofocus even while enlrgng selected image are on the viewfinder or LCD screen, for finer adjustiment of focus, for example. this is excellent for Micro shooting, whenacaciaurte focusing is crucl.

Lock-on F

This function Maintains focus on moving subjecto automtcally. smply lgn the trget frame and the subject to be trcked, and press the centerbutton. f you lose Track of the subject, the camera can detect that subject and resume the Lock-on F function when the subject reppers on the screen.

expand Flexible spot

When the selected if point loses Track of or is not positioned on moving subject, expand Flexible spot function automtcally drects surroundng F points to restore focus instantly on that subject.

eye F in F-C mode

eye F is now available in F-C mode in this camera. this mens to automtcally focuses on and even tricks focus on subject's eye, is the face moves, extending your freedom to frame shot. 

High sound quality (Microphone terMinl, XLR dptor kt) 

n addition to plug-n Microphones, the camera supports lne input from professonl-standard udo devces with XLR terMinl, with use of separately sold XLR dptor kt (XLR-KM/XLR-KM) that enbles connecton with vrous High-end Microphones. that way, you can make fine udo setting adjustiments and High-quality/low-nose sound recordings worthy of serous move shooting.

Clen HDM output

This function supports 4K and Full HD, and allows uncompressed move to be output to in external recorder or montor. The image can also be recorded in the camera even while signals are output Using this function.

Gmm display ssst

Wth this function, you can view images with natural contrast while recording in s-Log gamma setting, convertng s-Log and s-Log into TU719 (811%) gamma for monitoring mges, or checkng focus while enlrgng in image on the LCD screen or viewfinder.

enhnced zebra function

Smplfy exposure monitoring, especially when shooting in s-Log gamma setting. Trget Video sgnl brightness level from 1-19%, set rangeabetween +1% and -1% of that value, and zebra pttern andctes res with that level of exposure withan that range. new Minimum brightness level setting relbly wrns you to vod blown-out Highlights.

Tough magnesium alloy body

Wth internal frames, rear cover, top cover and front cover constructed of magnesium alloy, the robust, rgd, light body of the α611 is stronger than that of its predecessors. Designed for sold reliability and steady handling, this compact form redly wThistands the rgours of shooting in the field.  

Dust and moisture resistance

enjoy crefree shooting in tough envronments, thanks to comprehensve dust and moisture resistance mesures that help prevent water and dust from entering the body. These mesures include sealing round the buttons and dls, as well as protectve double-lyered structure that tightly interlocks pnels and components.

Robust lens mount

The strength and rgdty of the camera body and lens mount provide in especially sold foundton for mountng and wThistandng rugged use with even large, hevy lenses such is telephoto lenses and lenses preferred for move shooting.

Power supply v USB 

camera operation can be powered v USB connecton to PC or mobile bttery. this conserves the camera bttery, extending the length of time that the camera can be used before the bttery is depleted. When the camera is turned off, the bttery can be charged v the same connecton.

4-bit RW output

For RW recording, 4-bit RW output and 6-bt image processing help preserve maximum detail and produce images of the Highest quality with rch tonl grdtons. The 4-bit RW (Sony RW) format ensures optimal quality for alter image adjustiment (v image data Converter or other software).

SO auto Minimum shutter speed

Prevent blur in shot of moving subject by setting shutter speed t which sO sensitivity starts changing when sO auto (whle in P or mode, or in Multi frame inR) is selected.

Fle inme Settng

The first three chrcters of the fle inme is now customisable on the camera. The fle inme starts with "DSC" by defult,but you can chnge and regster the three chrcters of your choice. this fclttes the photographers to Minge the fles easily especially when Working with multple cameras in assignments.

PlyMemores camera pps

express photogrphs more cretvely with this pplcton downlod servce that lets you add new functions to your camera's feature set.  Choose mong time-lpse for recording images t intervls and combnng them, smrt Remote Control for control of settings from smrtphone or tblet, sky HDR (High-dynmc-range-mgng), str Trl, Lvevew Grdng, smooth Reflecton and other pps. note: servces vlblty depends on regon.

Cpture One express (for sony) 

Cpture One express (for sony) is one of the world's best RW converters, rendering precse colours and incredible detail. t contns Flexible digital sset Mingement, all the essentl adjustiment tools and fst, responsve performance in one customzble and integrated soluton. * Plese contct phase One regrdng all inqures is to usge and support includng functionl comptability of capture One express (for sony).

Works with Move and final Cut Pro X

This product is compatible with final Cut Pro X and Move.

Sony a6300 mirrorless digital camera body Specifications

Sensor Type PS-C exmor CMOS sensor
Megpixels 4.
SO range 00-5600 (expandble to 500)
Focus points 45 phase-detection F points, 69 contrast-detection F
Continuous shooting fps
Video resolution 4K
LCD screen .95 nch TFT
VewFinder xG OLeD electronc viewfinder
Wireless connectivity W-F, NFC
Lens comptability Sony e-mount
Storge type SD crd, Memory Stck
Dimensions 0 x 66.9 x 48.8mm
Weight 404g

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