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Park Cameras Digital Photography Made Easy - From Camera to Computer

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Digital Photography Made Easy
From Camera to Computer

This book is a simple to understand guide for those new to digital photography who want to get the most out of their camera and software. It is designed to help you understand what the various camera controls are as well as how and when to use them. The book also covers the picture taking process and how to shoot different subjects from portraits to landscape and close-ups to action shots. Following this the book also guides you through organising your images, improving them with software, storing the files and then sharing them online.

If you’re investing in a new camera then it’s well worth getting this useful book to ensure you’re really making the most of your equipment and improving your images so that ultimately you’ll enjoy your photography even more.

Written and illustrated by Julian Cremona, this Full colour guide to Digital Photography is ideal for anybody interested in digital photography at all levels. Jam packed with hints, tips and obvious ways to improve everyday techniques of camera and computer use.

The computer is today's 'digital darkroom' and this book fully recognises that simple fact.

All the images are the author's own work - nothing from stock libraries and so the reader can be confident that the pictures they see can easily be achieved by their own efforts.

Although originally planned for release 2 years ago, some aspects of the digital market covered in the book were changing so fast that it was deemed sensible to wait for things to settle down a bit! This gave Julian Cremona, the author, a chance to bring the book right up to date and it now walks through all aspects of digital photography – from what the image is, to all areas of taking the image, what happens with it on the computer and also pays special attention to numerous types of accessory (tripods, bags, cards, filters, flash diffusers, lens types, computer software, battery types etc) that make up a photographer’s kit these days. All in all this makes it suitable for pretty much every digital photographer, from absolute beginners upwards, and sensibly sized at A5, it won’t take up too much room.

The contents include chapters and walk-thru pieces on areas including explaining the digital image, choosing and using a camera, basic and advanced settings, controls and accessories, how to take better pictures including composition, subjects and the elements of an image, scanners, computers, viewing, altering and processing images, archiving and storing images, printing and use of the internet to email and post photos.

“This book is intended to ‘walk’ you through the minefield that modern technology presents. It will guide you and support you and while it cannot possibly be expected to be up-to-date with the very latest state-of-the-art technology, it will tell you many things you wish to know about the digital image, help in using the camera and what you can do with software and computers. This book is all about its title. Take a look at the pictures in this book and you will see that they are not “off the shelf” library specials that you may never aspire to. No, they are all pictures that I have taken to illustrate both the benefits and pitfalls of digital imaging. The book is particularly useful for those that are still wondering what camera to buy. Hopefully this will be the guide to give you the confidence you need. As a teacher of digital imaging, I have great sympathy and understanding towards non-technology minded people trying to grapple with both the wonders of digital cameras and computers and that is the very reason for this book.”

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