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Quantum Turbo 3

Product Code: 6359045T
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High-voltage ultra-fast recycling for up to 1050 full power flashes.

In many situations, when using your flash in automatic / TTL mode, and where full power is unnecessary, you can expect several thousand flashes.

Turbo 3 works with most shoe- and handle-mounted professional-caliber flashes, and all Quantum Q-flash T-series, including TRIO/ PILOT portable flashes.

Secure the new locking flash cables for Nikon, Canon and Qflash TRIO with the locking sockets of the Turbo 3. Or, use any of the non-locking Turbo flash or camera cables to power your equipment.

Turbo 3 IS Quantum's highest-capacity battery. For that BIG assignment, or travel where recharging is unavailable, this is the right tool for the job. By using the latest in battery technology. Quantum has made the TURBO 3 remarkable small and light for such a powerhouse.

Quantum's "fuel gauge" lights indicate remaining battery capacity or charging status. Never be caught again without sufficient power to capture those important shots.

Turbo 3 has two outlets. You can simultaneously power your flash and digital camera, providing greatly-increased operating time for your digital SLR. Provides the capability to shoot extended video segments with the new DSLR's or, you can power two flashes.

Turbo 3 is rechargeable up to hundreds of times, depending on age and use. Save hundred of dollars on throw-away batteries, and help the environment.

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