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DXO Advanced pack bundle

Product Code: 6155487E
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DxO Optics DXO Advanced pack bundle

DxO Optics Pro is a high-end raw developer designed to extract the maximum optical quality from laboratory calibrated lens combinations, but also offering maximum freedom to the user to use the same tools with unsupported combinations, or for creative effects. It is highly specified as a batch processor, and has by far the simplest out-of-the-box interface for optimising an image. However, working on an individual image is significantly slower than Capture One, and it doesn't have the databasing functions of Lightroom or the layer and pixel editing functions of Photoshop.

Out of the box
DxO labs are an internationally respected technical optical measurement facility, and the original purpose of DxO Optics Pro was to completely overcome all the shortcomings of measured device combinations. In practice, this means that if you open up DxO for the first time and load up some of your images, it will immediately suggest that you download the relevant profiles, provided that your combos are on their list. You should do this — it takes moments, and unlocks the real power of Optics Pro.

On screen you are now offered three choices — Organize, Customize, and Process.

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