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Pentax 24-70mm f2.8 HD FA ED SDM WR

Product Code: 5241315B
24-70mm f2.8 HD FA ED SDM WR


Our Verdict

Aimed at the forthcoming full-frame offering from Pentax, this lens will cover a 24-70mm focal length with a maximum aperture of f/2.8 over the entire range. When paired with one of Pentax's existing cropped sensor K mount DSLRs focal length will be 37-107mm

Featuring 3 ED optical elements and 4 aspherical optical elements sufficient light levels are provided even at the edges of the image field, and aberrations are all but removed, the end result being fine-detailed high contrast and high resolution images.

We Love
  • Proof that Pentax are taking the full frame prospect seriously with lenses aimed squarely at those already out there from the established players
  • Large aperture across the whole focal length creates an interesting bokeh effect for portraiture, whilst allowing strong low light performance for sunsets, or indoor shooting
  • Weather resistant, we can only assume that the new full-frame DSLR will feature the same levels of water resistance offered by the cropped sensor models on the market already, Ideal for the nature/sport/outdoor photographers

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