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Olympus ECG-3 Handgrip for E-M10 Mark II

Product Code: 4153403K
ECG-3 Handgrip for E-M10 Mark II


What better way to complement the 5-axis Image Stabilisation of the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II by adding this exquistely designed camera grip? The added stability afforded by this grip makes wobbles less of an issue when taking images that require a bit of longer focus, so your camera doesn't have to do ALL the work! The ECG-3's design also allows for easy tripod mounting, and direct battery access.

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Get an even steadier hold on your shot‑making with the E‑M10 Mark II by adding the new OLYMPUS ECG‑3 camera grip. Constructed especially for use with telephoto lenses, this large grip adds stability to your photography ‑ letting you bring your subject up close without any slips or wobbles. The result: long‑focus images with greater clarity and sharper detail. What’s more, once it’s attached to your E‑M10 Mark II, the ECG‑3’s ingenious design gives you instant access to the battery compartment without removing the grip.

  • Ergonomic design for firm grip & increased stability
  • Integrated tripod mounting thread
  • Fast access to battery compartment

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