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Micro Four Thirds Lenses

There are several advantages to the micro four thirds camera system; the compact size and weight in particular. Micro four thirds lenses are typically considerably smaller and lighter than DSLR or mirrorless equivalents, without compromising any optical quality. The system was originally developed by Olympus and Panasonic Lumix with well respected third party options now available from Samyang, Tamron and Voigtlander. Browse our large range of options here, all available with next day delivery and free shipping over £50.

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Micro four thirds crop factor is twice (2x) that of 35mm sensors, which means the focal length of lenses is effectively doubled. This presents another set of benefits to photographers. For example telephoto zooms have twice the reach. This will particularly appeal to wildlife, sports and action photographers as their lenses are smaller, lighter and have double the focal length. Other photographers also gain substantial weight savings and have access to discreet sized lenses for genres such as street or portrait photography. 

Another benefit besides the size and weight savings is the electronic viewfinder, which can be used when filming videos and shooting stills. The mirrorless system shows real-time exposure, white balance and tonal adjustments. This presents an accurate preview of how the exposure will be in the final result, minimising wasted shots or footage.

Micro four thirds bodies also have a larger sensor than compact cameras, delivering enhanced image quality, particularly in low light and dynamic range performance. They are interchangeable, allowing for more lens choices, including niche options, such as macro or special effects fish-eye lenses.

Olympus micro four thirds lenses are designed for use with the PEN and OM-D Pro mirrorless cameras. Their M.Zuiko brand is designed to meet the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals who demand uncompromising image quality and build precision.

Panasonic micro four thirds lenses are for the Lumix G range of mirrorless compact system cameras. These are available in a range of focal lengths, from wide-angle to portrait primes, or standard zooms through to long telephoto options. These are also exceptionally high quality and deliver stunning images, often carrying the Leica DG seal of quality.

Shop with confidence as Park Cameras are a Panasonic Photographic Specialist and PEN Elite Centre, which means we always provide our customers with expert knowledge and genuine UK stock. Whichever model you may opt for, why not consider protecting your new purchase with a suitable protective case or other accessory. We also provide used micro four thirds lenses, allowing photographers to expand their collection at a reduced cost over buying new.

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