Buyer's guide - Medium format cameras

For the peak in imaging output look no further then the medium format digital SLR, offering the ideal combination of large output size and high output quality. Capable of capturing up to 48bit these cameras can record huge amounts of detail higher then that of the human eye. Offering the ultimate in colour reproduction, these cameras can produce 20 times more colours then a conventional D-SLR.

  • Increased Sensor Size - Offering unrivalled output size these giants of the camera world offer megapixels upwards of 22MP climbing as high as 80MP. To ensure that the image is a crisp and clean print the sensor on Medium Format camera is larger offering reductions in noise and increasing tonal gradation.
  • High Quality Optics - Teamed with these larger sensors highly refined optics capture images that are sharp and minimise issues such as chromatic aberration, this becomes highly important based on the likely large output sizes in which these faults would become highly visible.
  • Bright Viewfinders - Due to the larger sensor and body chamber the camera is fitted with a larger mirror, as a result of this the viewfinder can also increase in size and therefore the brightness climbs proportionately as a result.
  • Bit Depth - Medium format cameras offer the ability to record images in bit depths of up to 48bit, exceeding the maximum potential of conventional digital SLRs 14bit. This higher bit depth will offer access to a larger amount of colours within the same colour gamut, for example 48bit files offer use of up to 281 trillion colours, against 14bit’s 4.6 trillion.