Flashguns and all other forms of controlled artificial lighting offer one of the finishing touches to a skilled photographer’s image. These devices can be controlled to balance against the ambient exposure automatically or manually. There are also a great number of bolt on accessories to modify the style, direction and colour of your additional light source, it is highly advised to make use of colour correction filters and a diffuser when using a flashgun.

Continuous Lighting
With the conception of HD video on digital SLRs the need for continuous lighting has increased significantly, thankfully manufacturers such as Canon have catered to this need with their video compatible Speedlite 320 EX. Manfrotto have also stepped in to offer support in the form of their MIDI LED light panels.

Rechargeable Batteries
It is strongly advised that when purchasing a flashgun you purchase some high quality rechargeable batteries. Due to the demand that the flashgun puts on these otherwise consumable items you can save yourself a small fortune by investing in some 2000+mah batteries and charger.

Battery Packs
Flashguns can draw charge from their batteries ready for firing once, however sometimes you may require the flash to fire in a burst alongside your camera, Canon, Nikon and Quantum offer battery packs to support their flashguns with these needs.