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Using Sony flashes helps make good images better

At Park Cameras, we’ve been speaking to pro photographer and Sony Ambassador Dominic Fraser about how he uses flash to help enhance his shots in a variety of different ways, to help him get the shot he needs.

Dominic has spent the last 20 years specialising in automotive photography, with clients including Bugatti and Aston Martin. He initially came into photography as a picture researcher for the motoring magazine, Car. Given direction and mentorship from the magazine's art directors and graphic designers, Dominic eventually joined the set of shoots as an assistant before becoming staff photographer for the same publishing house's weekly magazine, Carweek. The magazine lasted only 14 months, but Dominic was hooked on photography. At 21, he decided to go freelance.

Read on to learn more about Dominic’s thoughts on using flash, and how it can help you with your photography!

Using fill flash to add that essential extra punch

Staging and lighting automobiles is one of the high arts in photography. It is all about speed, power and design.

Even though the subjects are "just machines", the photographer needs to add some drama and emotion to the shots to make them work and to convey the excitement that comes along with the fascination of cars and motor racing.

Drama of speed - This was Dominic's approach to the images of the cars racing at night:

“Even though Sony’s current range of cameras have class leading low light capability, sometimes you can still use a bit of extra lighting!

I wanted to capture the drama of speed, with the cars racing at night, but also freeze the action enough to be able to see the cars properly. The best way to do this was to pop little bit of fill-flash into the shot. Without the flash these images wouldn’t have worked!”

Off Camera Flash - Easy to use and great creative control

When using the flash mounted on a camera, options for attractive lighting are limited. The on-camera flash is confined to a single light source close to the lens and the illumination is usually harsh with strong shadows. An off-camera flash increases your creative control and greatly enhances images by allowing you to move the flash away from the camera. This lets you shoot from different angles as well as the lighting angles of your choice.

Sony Flashguns Images Dominic Fraser 6

Dominic explains how using off camera flash enables him to get the shots he needs.

“Using flash off camera gives me great control over my lighting. I can create a really dynamic shot of a car or beautifully light the interiors for close ups. Having the ability to direct the light from different angles enables you to be really creative and having the capability to subtly change the power of your light sources gives you great control. What I like the most is the flexibility of it. I can make a very complex setup and to get just the look I am after for my client but it’s easy enough that people who haven’t tried off camera flash before can get the equipment and give it a go straight away!”

Flash units suitable for off-camera use

Flash units suitable for radio controlled off-camera use

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By Park Cameras on 06/11/2018

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