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The latest and Greatest Canon 850D DSLR

This time around the camera sports a 24.1MP sensor and a rather fast DIGIC 8 image processor, along with an extended all-cross 45 Af points and Dual Pixel CMOS AF. A big move upwards comes in the form of 4K video at 30FPS without cropping and a reasonable continuous shooting speed of 7FPS and 7.5FPS in Live View.

The canon EOS 850D

The newly added features haven't added any more weight, with an actual saving going from 532g to 515g (including battery) on the latest model.
Although this model is aimed at the enthusiast photographer, don't think this camera can't produce professional results. Once you nail the exposure and focus with a high-quality lens, images have excellent sharpness and detail, with plenty of rich colours and contrast.

So, we know this is a highly capable camera in the right hands. Which means it is now down to looking at the details more closely and how you can get the most benefit from this camera.

Body Design
Although you are not going to get the super magnesium alloy construction of higher end camera bodies, along with the weatherproofing, you do get an aluminium alloy and polycarbonate resin camera body, which is ideal for general use. The dial and button layout follows the design principles from the rest of the Canon lineup, with the only thing you may long for is the black and white top plate display. However, it's just as easy to check camera settings on the tilting rear screen.

The 3 inch Vari angle touchscreen is a fantastic addition, which has 100% coverage of the scene and can be easily tweaked to adjust display options such as brightness. A tilting rear screen is such a useful item for both stills and video, which I wish was included on every camera, with the only real downside being it may get knocked once in awhile if you leave it sticking out. But, but this also applies to every camera with this feature.

If an optical viewfinder is more your thing, than the one included on the 850D is both clear and bright and can easily display the most common camera settings, along with a grid layout and any warnings such as Flicker detection.

The Auto focusing Stuff
The DIGIC 8 image processor gives a definite boost to AF speed and accuracy, with advanced features such as the TTL secondary image-forming phase-difference detection system and phase detection pixels now been part of the sensor. For more AF accuracy has been included with 45 cross-type AF points, all useful up to f/5.6, with the central AF point good for apertures as wide as f/2.8. Selecting AF points is super easy through the optical viewfinder using one of the included dials or the option of tapping AF points when in Live View.

AF zones can be individually selected depending on the subject matter which include iTR Face Priority, single-point AF, zone AF and large zone AF. Light metering can be linked to AF points and used with the different metering modes, which include spot metering for more precise values or Evaluative Metering. Exposure compensation can also easily changed with a quick turn of the rear facing dial, with +/-5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 stop increments available.

Video Features
It used to be that video features on this line of camera were very basic. But now, 4K at 30FPS is possible, along with HD up to 60FPS, with almost 30 minutes of recording time when using a sizeable memory card. Video can also be outputted via mini HDMI and audio can be recorded through the included 3.5mm stereo mini jack. 5-axis Digital Movie IS has also been included to dramatically reduce camera shake.
ISO levels range from 100-25600 which can be expanded to 51200. In reality you wouldn't want to go higher than a few thousand ISO to keep the cleanest of images, but the rating is there, as its better to grab an image than not.

When it comes time to sharing your stills and video, the camera has a bunch of options. Wi-Fi has been included for easy sync. up to a smart phone, to either further edit images or share files online. There's also the opportunity of Bluetooth connectivity, with an always on low-energy link.

As this line of camera is extremely mature, there's plenty of accessories available from our in-house store or online, complementing both stills and moviemaking. These include the RS-60 E3 Remote Switch and the E2 Hand Strap. If you need any help with choosing the best accessories for your camera, just give us a quick call and we are happy to help.

In total, the Canon 850D is a great evolution to the line, with an ever expanding feature set. In many ways, this line of camera is the steppingstone on to the DSLR path and can serve as allegiance to the brand for many years. Luckily, the 850D still ticks all the boxes for great quality and a nicely rounded feature set. In other words, considering the price and versatility, you really can't go wrong with this offering.

To really see the quality of the Canon EOS 850D, check out the sample images below.

Landscape sample with EOS 850D

Landscape sample with EOS 850D

Portrait sample outdoors EOS 850D

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