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Panasonic Lumix G100 Review

Introducing the Panasonic Lumix G100, a brand new camera from Panasonic designed with vlogging at the heart of it. Coming from a strong lineup of video focused cameras, the G100 is aimed more at vloggers and content creators, although it would also make a great B camera in a larger video setup. Let’s talk about what makes this such a great system for vlogging.

Panasonic Lumix G100 Camera Review


Before we get into the vlog centric stuff, let’s talk about the video capabilities of this camera. As you’d probably expect, it can shoot 4K at up to 30p and Full HD at up to 120p but it has a few tricks up its sleeve to make shooting video easy for you.

First of all, there’s the 5-axis Hybrid I.S which combines optical image stabilisation with electronic stabilisation and has been designed specifically to combat hand shake blur even when shooting while walking. That obviously helps with vlogging but also has a wider use when it comes to filming handheld in general.

video frame

Something which makes a big difference to the ease of use of this camera is the new OZO Audio. This uses three internal microphones, a front facing mic, a rear mic and a surround mic to pick up the right sound without the sound you don’t want. You can see this at work in our video below but essentially it’s designed to give you nice clear audio without having to use an external microphone. Of course, there’s always the option of an external mic as well.

Being able to capture decent audio without worrying about an external microphone makes this camera extremely easy to use. You’ve also got V-Log L built into the camera as well as other features you’d probably expect from a Panasonic such as timelapse and stop motion.


Whether you’re coming from a mobile phone or getting into vlogging for the first time, it couldn’t be easier to start vlogging with the G100. It makes it so easy for you, taking all of the stress away and letting you get on with the actual vlog.

As soon as you rotate the screen forward (so you can see yourself while filming), the camera automatically enters selfie mode. If you’re in an automatic mode, it increases the depth of field so you can see more of your surroundings, face and eye detection kicks in to track you around the screen and Auto Exposure will prioritise your face. The built in microphones automatically start tracking you using the face/eye detection to make sure they are picking up your voice while avoiding other, unwanted sounds.

Vlogging frame

There are other little touches that make this a nice shooting experience. For example, when you hit record, a big countdown appears on the screen counting down from 3 and then a red border appears around the screen to let you know you’re recording. It’s a nice touch, I’ve definitely thought I was recording before and realised once I finished that I wasn’t, so a big red border is a handy way of being sure.

There’s also a grip that acts as a mini tripod for the camera and is absolutely perfect for holding the camera while vlogging. It can connect to the camera via a small wire and you can actually start and stop recording as well as take photos from the grip.


So far we’ve been focusing on the video capabilities of this camera but it’s certainly no slouch when it comes to photography as well. You’ve got a 20.3MP sensor with no low pass filter and it gives you good detail in your shots.

Sample photo

It uses contrast and DFD autofocus with face and eye autofocus which works very well and makes portraits a breeze. You’ve also got the 4K photo mode at 30fps to capture super fast action and as you’d probably expect from a Panasonic, you’ve got post focus and focus stacking to play with as well.


In keeping with the vlogging design, this is a small, lightweight camera but there’s enough chunkiness to it that it feels good in the hands. The grip is actually very comfortable, especially for such a small camera. You’ve also got a nice, bright 3 inch free-angle touch screen, which is bright enough to use on a sunny day, as well as a 3.68K dot viewfinder which looks great.


It takes the same battery as the GX9 and the G80 and I managed to get between 40-60 minutes of 4K video on one charge.

Ultimately, this is a great camera if you’re looking to get into video and especially vlogging. It has so many little ease of use features which make it perfect for someone starting out or someone just looking to have a stress free experience. I was particularly impressed with how the audio sounded from the internal microphones and you can hear for yourself in our video review below and check out the camera for yourself on our website here.

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