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Panasonic GX80 Hands-on Review

The brand new Panasonic Lumix GX80 has just been released and is another exciting addition to the already impressive Panasonic line up. Here at Park Cameras we managed to grab a precious couple of hours lone time with the new release!

The GX80 is delivered as an extremely lightweight, travel friendly CSC. Although light enough for easy transportation, the camera is extremely well built and feels very comfortable in the hand. The 16 megapixel sensor has had the low pass filter removed, which means the camera now picks up every detail of a scene so that your images are as sharp as possible.

Now a lack of low pass filter may worry some people because of the effects of possible Moiré patterning and colour aberration. However, Panasonic have preempted this issue and have included a Moiré suppression mode within the GX80. Not only does this mode dramatically reduce any patterns visible, it also almost totally removes colour aberrations so your images are as sharp and clear as possible.

Lumix 4K Photo and 4K Video are more great features of this new model, so you can shoot stunning 4K videos, select the ideal frame, and then save it as a high resolution photo (at 8 megapixels). The camera can record 30fps in 4K so you will never miss that special moment. Using either the high-res 2,764K-dot LVF or the 3 inch tiltable rear monitor, recording your video moments is incredibly simple.

The most impressive new feature of this camera is its ‘5 Axis Dual Image Stabilisation’. The camera body now adjusts for 5 different axis of movement as well as working with selected lenses in lens stabilisation to reduce shake dramatically.  You can see these techniques explained in the diagram below.

Not only does this new type of stabilisation benefit stills photography, but it also works brilliantly whilst shooting 4K video - so you no longer have to worry about shaky videos or constantly using a tripod. I have to say the difference made by this feature is very noticeable and makes a real difference to even the most day to day of shooting scenarios.

For photographers who are more focused on stills rather than video, Panasonic have included in the GX80 the power to ‘Post Focus’. Photographers can now select the correct point of focus in camera, after the image has been saved. You can read a bit more about this in our blog explaining Post Focus.

This is just another helpful hand that Panasonic are providing in this camera to help the user to never miss that perfect moment; and here are a few more:

  • Multi Layering: in this mode the GX80 will measure the brightness comparison across several images, pixel by pixel, in order to create a perfectly exposed shot. This mode is fantastic for firework displays, writing with light, and lightning storms (be careful photographing those!) 
  • Aperture & Focus Bracketing: another impressive feature to make sure you never miss a shot. As well as all of the normal bracketing functions in most DSLR’s and CSC’s, the GX80 can provide 5 levels of focus bracketing and maximum to minimum aperture bracketing. 
  • L.Monochrome Filter: packed full of filter modes for maximising creativity, this new addition delivers true deep blacks and rich gradation giving the feel of black and white film photography. 

Once you have taken all of your stunning photos they can easily be shared, as the GX80 sports Wi-Fi for easy connectivity.

The Panasonic GX80 should be available in early May with some great value kits being released. The camera will be available in body only, GX80 + 12-32mm, and a brilliant twin lens kit with the 35-100mm.


16 megapixel MOS Sensor without Low Pass Filter
ISO Range
ISO200 - 25600, Extended ISO100
Image Stabilisation (Photo)
5-axis Dual I.S. (2-axis Lens I.S./5 axis Body I.S.)
Image Stabilisation (Video)
5-axis Hybrid O.I.S.
4K: 3840 x 2160, 30p(25p)/24p in MP4
2,764k-dot LCD LVF
Wireless Connectivity
122 x 70.6 x 43.9mm
426g (including battery & SD Card)
Battery Life
Approx. 290 pictures

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By Park Cameras on 05/04/2016

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