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Panasonic G90 Review

Panasonic G90

Introducing the brand new Panasonic G90, a new mirrorless camera that makes for a great hybrid camera. Featuring both impressive stills and video specs all packaged inside a small, lightweight body.

Image Quality

The G90 houses a 20.3 Megapixel MOS sensor with no low pass filter and the images that we were able to capture were detailed and rch. The colours were impressive and you can get similar image quality to the G9. We tried it out for landscape and portrait and it seemed to cope well, even as the sun was going down.

The G90 is designed very much as a hybrid camera so while you have nice stills capabilities, it also has fantastic video specs. You’ve got 4K at up to 30 frames per second and Full HD 1080p at up to 120 frames per second for that super smooth, slow motion look. It’s also worth noting that it has unlimited video recording so you won’t have any issues if you’re filming events or interviews that run over.


The camera itself makes for a fantastic vlogging system. Great video, a lightweight build and a flip out screen (so you can see yourself as you vlog) makes it perfect for that kind of use. But if you’re looking for more serious video work, it also has V Log pre installed into the camera giving you better dynamic range and more room for colouring in post.

I’ve honestly very much enjoyed shooting video with this camera. I started with a gimbal but I ended up shooting mostly handheld and that’s partly down to the 5-axis Dual IS which gives you 5 stops of stabilisation for steady video and for sharp pictures at slower shutter speeds.

Something else that stood out as particularly impressive was the autofocus, it’s very fast and accurate and there are a few modes to choose from which all work very well. There’s a face and eye detection mode which finds the faces and tracks them through the frame whether in stills or video and that was incredibly useful.

When shooting video at the higher frame rates like 100 or 120 frames per second, it switches to manual focus, but the focus peaking helps a lot.

Build and Feel

In terms of the camera itself, as I mentioned before it’s small, it’s lightweight, and in terms of ergonomics, it’s lovely to hold and use. It has a 2360K OLED LVF which looks great - and it also has the free angle OLED 3” touchscreen. This was great while I was shooting video and I found myself using the touch screen a lot to control different elements. It wasn’t quite bright enough on a super sunny day but I made do and otherwise it was great.

The camera body feels robust. For a small camera, it has a nice, deep grip and it feels solid in the hands. The controls are very intuitive, you’ve got your usual dials along with dedicated buttons for white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. There’s no joystick but you’ve got the dpad as part of the scroll wheel on the back and it never really caused me any problems.

On the hill

It really does feel like a mini GH5. You’re getting great video performance whether you’re vlogging and using the free angle screen or whether you’re shooting something a little more cinematic. You’ve got excellent stills capability as well as the new features like the live view composite and it’s all packaged in a nice, small camera.

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By Park Cameras on 05/04/2019

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