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Olympus Tough TG-5 vs TG-4 Comparison

Olympus have just released their brand new Tough camera , the Olympus Tough TG-5. It's a step up from its predecessor, the Tough TG-4, so we're going to have a look at the two camera s and see how they compare.

Olympus Tough TG-5 vs TG-4 Overall Image Quality

Whereas the Olympus Tough TG-4 had a 16 megapixel sensor, the Tough TG-5 only has a 12 megapixel sensor. This may sound like you're losing out in image quality, however, the pixels in the new sensor on the TG-5 are larger and further apart, which means they have more room, which means they make less noise.

This means that although the Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 produces lower resolution images, they will actually be of a higher quality thanks to superior low light capabilities and reduced noise in normal-use conditions with a maximum ISO now up to 12,800.

Additionally, the TG-5 is using the TruePic VIII image processor (straight out of the professional grade OM-D E-M1 Mark II), an improvement from the TruePic VII processor in the TG-4.

Lastly, the TG-5 brings with it another piece of borrowed technology from its' big brothers - Pro Capture Mode - the ability to continuously buffer a series of 20 images and then record the last 14 when you depress the shutter - so you never miss a moment!

Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 Video Quality

The TG-4 was no slouch in the video department - capable of Full HD video and VGA video at 120fps.

However, the TG-5 has brought the Tough range into 2017 with 4K video at 30p, Full HD at 60p, and Full 1080p HD 120fps shooting and 720p HD shooting at 240fps.

Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 Outdoor Use Features

The Tough series are designed to be used outside - they're tough. So it's no surprise that the Olympus TG-5 vs TG-4 has improved on the already impressive Tough status.

The TG-5 features the same ultra-bright f/2.0 lens that was in the TG-4 with the same 25-100mm 4x optical zoom. However, the TG-5 now features a dual-pane Anti-Fog, hermetically sealed glass protecting the shooting lens from condensation due to sudden changes in environmental temperature.

The TG-5 is shockproof up to 2.1 metres, crushproof to a weight of 100kg, freezeproof down to -10 degrees Celsius, dustproof, and waterproof to a depth of 15 metres without the need of any special casings.

The new Variable Macro system on the TG-5 improves the nature photography capabilities over the TG-4, with the introduction of Microscope, Microscope Control, Focus Bracketing, and Focus Stacking modes to let you capture spectacular nature shots - all in RAW files.

The Olympus Tough TG-5 vs TG-4 adds a new Temperature Sensor to create a four sensor battery of Field Sensors that add telemetry data to your image and video, giving you GPS, Temperature, Manometer, and Compass data that can all be viewed either on the TG-5's LCD screen, or via WiFi to the OI.Track app.

Overall Impressions of the Tough TG-5 vs TG-4

For existing Olympus users, the Tough TG-5 offers a familiar feel, with an OM-D menu interface and rugged E-M1 Mark II-esque hand grip. Also borrowed from the E-M1 Mark II is the Pro Capture Mode, allowing you to shoot at hugely fast speeds and capture action precisely.

If you’ve had a TG-4 previously, the new Olympus TG-5 will bring a bucket load of welcome upgrades – integrating data into your action photography with a Field Sensor System of four sensors – GPS, Temperature, Manometer, and Compass – which are viewable on the large LCD screen and even via the OI.Track app, letting you view your images and your data simultaneously.

The Olympus Tough TG-5 vs TG-4 represents a step-up in tough, waterproof action camera s with improved low light capabilities and tough performance, including the new Anit-Fog dual-pane glass, giving it an edge over competitors and making it a forerunner in its class.

Watch: Olympus TG-5 First Look + Unboxing Video

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By Park Cameras on 17/05/2017

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