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Manfrotto MT055CX PRO4 Carbon Fibre Tripod Snapshot Review

Charlie Goodge is a still life and interiors photographer based in London who recently added the Manfrotto 055 PRO 4 carbon fibre tripod to her kit bag. Take it away, Charlie...

Over the last couple of months I have been adding to my photography equipment, understanding that if you don’t buy the right product first time round it usually costs more in the long run and can effect how you shoot.

With that in mind, I recently bought the Manfrotto 055 PRO 4 carbon fibre tripod; and as most of you probably know if you're serious about your photography, Manfrotto's tripods are the only way to go!

Their tripods feature a centre column that allows you to quickly raise the height of the camera and even turn it horizontal so you can get an overhead shot, with the simple click of a button. This ability to transform the angle and position the camera pointing down is essential for still life photography. It's no wonder that Manfrotto are the first choice brand when it comes to tripods for professional photographers.

Over the last month or so I have been getting to grips with this new purchase and am extremely pleased with how it performs.

Being carbon fibre, it is lightweight, stylish and packs away to a reasonable size - perfect for a London based photographer like myself who travels to most jobs on the Tube. The centre column was my main incentive for this Tripod, it makes it more diverse and suited to more types of photography than a fixed column tripod. I have felt confident taking it on various jobs, it is great if you aren’t always based in your own studio and need something portable.

As it is a lightweight tripod, you may experience blurring on images if you are using a particularly slow shutter speed, but with flash (which I use for most of my work), it's perfect. Apart from that, I am extremely pleased with the quality of this tripod and would suggest it to any photographers that are serious about making a living from professional photography.

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By Park Cameras on 22/02/2018

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