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Lee 100 Filter System Review

Lee 100 Filter

We've been road testing the brand new LEE 100 Filter System complete with the new LEE 100 Holder, the LEE 100 Polariser and we took out three graduated ND filters as well to really test it out.

LEE 100 Holder

The first thing that you notice with all of the new LEE 100 kit is that it’s clearly been designed with ease of use in mind, in fact, it’s supposed to be the easiest to use and most versatile holder yet.

Of course, It’s compatible with all Lee 100 accessories but it’s the quality of life improvements where this really shines. It’s lighter than previous models but still incredibly robust and in terms of attaching and detaching from the adapter ring, the new spring release mechanism makes it super easy to just pop the holder on or off. It really couldn’t be easier to operate and it made using the system a very pleasing experience.

Lee 100 Filter

You can also half lock or full lock the holder, half lock locking the spring release but still allowing full rotation whilst full lock stops all movement as well as the spring release.

You can use up to three filters at once even with wide angle lenses without any vignetting issues so we put it to the test with our three Graduated ND Filters.

As you can see from the photo above, we were able to darken the sky at sunset without creating any vignette and we ended up with a perfectly exposed image.

LEE 100 Polariser

Along with the holder and the three graduated ND Filters, we also had the new LEE 100 Polariser to try out. This has been upgraded as well and couldn’t be easier to attach and detach from the holder, simply snapping on and releasing with just one hand.

Lee 100 Filter

Using the polariser, we were able to darken the sky and really pop the white clouds in the image as well as in the sky at sunset giving a really nice look to our image.

Lee 100 Filter

With the new LEE 100 system, we can have the Graduated ND filters and the polariser attached all at the same time. It’s so easy to attach the whole thing or just individual elements and that’s really the main takeaway from using this system, it’s the ease of use while still retaining that LEE quality.


By Park Cameras on 27/03/2019

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