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Fujifilm X-T3 First look and hands on review

Fujifilm X-T3

Fujifilm invited us to get hands-on with the new X-T3 a week before launch – here’s our guide on what to expect.

Fujifilm have announced the successor to their popular APS-C mirrorless camera, the X-T2. Fujifilm invited us to get hands-on with the new X-T3 a week before launch – here’s our guide on what to expect.

Fujifilm reveal the new X-T3 APS-C mirrorless camera

The X-T2 was one of Fujifilm’s flagship cameras in their X range, respected for its build quality, ergonomic design, and of course, fantastic colour rendition and JPEG quality.
It is fondly regarded for its approach to manual shooting – with chunky control dials for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation on the body, with aperture ring functionality on most of the FX lens range.


They launch with both silver and black bodies, both available with an 18-55mm kit lens.

Fujifilm X-T3 vs Fujifilm X-T2 – what’s new?

On the still image front, there were truthfully not many improvements needed. Improved autofocus is a welcome addition – the XT-3 boasts 425 AF points, with 100% coverage using Phase Detection.

Tracking subjects at the corner of the frame should be a breeze, but it also means that you will get smooth transitions when using video (compared to contrast detect AF). It felt beautifully responsive in the short time we had it.
Fujifilm are rightly proud of their ‘out of the box’ JPEG options, and have added Advanced Dynamic Range Priority, Chrome Effect, and warm and cold monochrome filters added.

View the full Fujifilm X-T3 vs Fujifilm X-T2 specification comparison table.

X-T3 Silver

Improved performance

The new X-Trans 4 Processor offers improved dynamic range and low-light capacity, with the lowest ISO reduced from 200 on the X-T2 to 160 on the X-T3.

In addition, the camera now operates at optimum performance without the need for the battery grip, including shooting at a burst mode of 11fps.

The X-T3 handles beautifully

X-T3 – Look and Feel

Having played around with both models, with a variety of lenses as well as the battery grip, fans of the X-T2 can rest easy - it has lost none of its charm. The build quality is reassuring, and the Fujifilm product experts at the launch assured us we didn’t need to handle them as delicately as we were – they have been thoroughly road tested by many an adventurous photographer!

The vari-angle screen follows the same convention in how it articulates, which is great for shooting from the waist, but we have used better. The addition of touchscreen functionality is a welcome addition.

On Screen

X-T3 – Best in-class video performance for an APS-C sensor 

The X-T3 will shoot 4K video at up to 60 frames per second and at 400 MBPS. It also shoots Full HD at up to 120 frames per second.

This is a huge leap from the X-T2 and makes this a great camera for videographers. It also features a headphone and microphone jack, and will also output via HDMI at 4:2:2 at 10 Bit. The microphone jack cover is also now removable for convenience when using rigs / gimbals – a small detail but one that shows that Fujifilm have really focused on delivering high-end video performance.


Fujifilm have also announced some exciting new lenses. We had a play about with the stunning 200mm f/2 (equivalent to 300mm on a 35mm size sensor), as well as looking through sample images, and were mighty impressed.

8-16mm f/2.8 (equiv 12-24mm)
16mm f2.8 (equivalent 24mm)
16-80/f4 (equivalent 24-120mm)
33mm f/1 (equivalent 50mm) – note that this will be autofocus, unusual for an aperture that wide.

Video review of the Fujifilm X-T3

See the full specification and pre-order the Fujifilm X-T3.

View the full Fujifilm X-T3 vs Fujifilm X-T2 specification comparison table.

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