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Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Review


Let's start off with image quality because, ultimately, that’s one of the most important things with any camera. The X-Pro 3 is housing an X-Trans 4 26MP sensor giving you rch, detailed images. They really do look great and you've got so many options for shooting straight out of camera.

Sunset Landscape

The colour tones, the detail in the image and the dynamic range are all really impressive. Picking up on colour for a moment, you might expect good colour from a Fuji but I have to say that it was particularly impressive with this camera. The natural tones in a sunset sky or the light on the sea were awesome to look at and even on the back of the camera I could see they were something special.

Playing around with the images in post, I was really impressed by how much detail I was able to get back from the shadows and the highlights. The dynamic range seems to be particularly great here.

Fujifilm X Pro 3 Church

Of course, as a Fujifilm camera, you've got a number of great film simulation modes to choose from to create your look in camera. Classic modes like ‘Vivid’ ‘Acros’ and ‘Eterna’ continue to be some of my favourites adding a particularly nice look to images, but with the X-Pro 3 come two new film simulation modes.

You've got the new ‘Classic Negative’ which looks stunning for portraits. It seems to reduce saturation and add some clarity to the image giving you a really stylised look. You've also got the new ‘Monochromatic Colour’ which allows you take a lovely black and white image with a hint of a colour overlay to the image.

Classic Negative Film Simulation

I was also impressed by the clarity and grain control in camera so you've got a lot of versatility for the look of your image without ever having to touch a computer.

There's also a more advanced HDR mode in camera which allows you to capture scenes with much better dynamic range. It takes and blends multiple exposures so that, in the case of the sunset below, you can capture the highlights of the sky and the shadows of the foreground without ruining either.


The design of the camera is reminiscent of a film camera, in fact, that runs through to how the camera feels as well with a hybrid viewfinder and a small display on the back showing the film simulation mode, the ISO range and the white balance (almost like seeing the film you have loaded in the camera).

Rear Screen of the Fujifilm X-pro 3

The camera itself comes in three colours, black, dura silver and dura black with the dura variants having titanium plates as well as a special duratect material making them extra tough and extremely resistant to scratches. Personally, I think the silver version looks fantastic.

As I mentioned before, the camera features a hybrid viewfinder with an optical, wider field of view and then an EVF giving you a much better idea of your exposure and the overall look of the image. I found this to be super helpful when composing images as with the optical viewfinder, you've got an overlay showing you where the image will be taken.

Top plate of the Fujifilm X-Pro 3

The screen on the back folds down to allow live view shooting. This is probably going to be a little polarising (forgive the pun), some people are going to like this design whereas some people are not going to be so keen. It's quite different to other cameras on the market, personally, I never had any issue with the way the screen folded down, in fact I found it quite nice, especially when shooting portraits.

The screen itself is a touch screen so you can use it for touch operation or, as in my case, touch focus.

If you’re a fan of the look of Fujifilm cameras, that older look, then this camera absolutely nails it. This is one of the better looking cameras I’ve used.

Sunset and cliffs



Ultimately, there’s a lot to love in this camera, personally, I loved the hidden LCD and the hybrid viewfinder, I loved the look and feel of the camera and most importantly, I loved the images coming out of it.

Apart from anything else, this is the most fun I’ve had with a camera in a long time, it made me want to stay out and keep taking photos and that’s a really beautiful thing.

You can check out the full specs and pricing of the camera on our website here.


By Park Cameras on 23/10/2019

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