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Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 Lens First Look


Introducing the brand new Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 Lens, a brand new entry into the RF range of lenses for camera s like the EOS R and RP. We had the chance to test out a pre production version of this lens to see how it handles.

Affordable RF

One of the biggest things about this lens is actually the price point. A lot of the other RF lenses are very much pro lenses, made to the highest standard and it’s reflected in the price. With the 24-240mm lens, you’re still getting a quality lens from Canon but at a much more affordable price point.


It’s perfect for anyone looking at purchasing an EOS RP or even a Canon EOS R who doesn’t want to put down as much on a lens.

All Rounder

On top of that it’s an extremely versatile focal range. 24-240mm gives you a lot of options for how you want to shoot and it means you can get landscape, portraits and close up shots, all using the one lens.


It makes for a great all rounder, the perfect lens to have with you for a big variety of situations.

Autofocus & Image Stabilisation

The RF 24-240mm lens features Canons impressive Nano USM autofocus. This uses tiny vibrational waves to move the glass in the lens and the result is very fast autofocus. It’s able to hit it’s target nice and quick and it gives great results when shooting video as well.

It’s also worth noting that it’s almost silent while it’s focusing which is another plus for anyone looking to shoot video.


The lens also features 5 stops of built in image stabilisation. I’ve always found the Canon IS in lenses to be superb and it’s no different here. It helps a lot when shooting in lower light and using a slower shutter speed and similarly, it’s very useful when shooting handheld video.

Aperture & Control

This isn’t the fastest lens in the world with an aperture of f4-6.3. I imagine this was done for two reasons, to keep the cost and the weight and size of the lens much lower. That slower aperture means two things, it could impact low light shooting and bokeh.

In terms of the low light shooting, for me, that’s really not a problem. The EOS R is one of the best camera s I have ever used when it comes to pumping that ISO value up and when that’s coupled with the 5 stop image stabilisation, you shouldn’t have any issues with lowlight.


It is true that you’re not going to get those super blurred backgrounds, but actually, when zoomed in, the compression is able to provide some pleasing bokeh. You can still make out the background but there’s a nice bit of separation to your images.

I’ve also found that shooting video at f4 (or in this case f4-6.3) is actually a very good experience. You tend to get sharp results and with the deeper depth of field, the focus is more forgiving.


In terms of controls on the lens, you’ve obviously got the zoom ring but the manual focus ring can be switched to a customisable control ring that you can set to control anything from aperture to ISO.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a full production copy of this lens soon to bring you a full review.

You can watch more of our thoughts on this lens in the video below:

The Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 is available here

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