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Canon 90D First Look


Canon have included a newly developed sensor with 32.5MP resolution making it one of the highest resolution APS-C cameras available. That huge resolution gives you a lot of options for how you want the final image to look. It gives you very high levels of detail in your images and also gives you more options for cropping and reframing when editing. With that much detail to play with, you can crop in and still have a nice, high-resolution image.

Low Light with the Canon 90D

The colours are great as you'd expect from a Canon camera and I was impressed with the dynamic range while playing with it in post.

The 90D is also sporting the DIGIC 8 processor making it nice and fast. It's able to shoot 10fps when in continuous mode and that's with continuous autofocus.


Since we're on the subject of autofocus, this is an area where this camera has had a serious upgrade over something like the 80D. It has face tracking and eye tracking and while I was photographing the model, the tracking made it super easy to keep the eyes and face in focus.

Portrait Photography with the Canon 90D

The Canon 90D features Dual Pixel AF and as you probably expect from Canon now, it works really well. It’s always a pleasure to shoot with this system and that’s certainly the case here.


Canon have also included some decent video capabilities here and some welcome upgrades over the 80D.

The main headlines here are 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and full HD 1080p video at up to 120 frames per second and while that’s nothing super special these days, it is a welcome upgrade from the 80D.

Canon 90D Go Kart

There's also a mic jack and a headphone port as well so you can definitely use this for some more serious video work.


It's nice to use a new DSLR camera from Canon. It feels great in the hands and it's actually not too heavy coming in at about 701g. The controls and dials are all placed well and if you're familiar with Canon cameras, you'll be right at home here.

Canon 90D Portrait

I was very happy to see that they have kept the flip-out vari-angle screen. It's super helpful whether shooting photos or video and something I love to see on cameras.

Ultimately, this camera would be perfect for anyone looking to step up to a more serious camera from an entry-level system. It’s a great camera on the mid-range level and a welcome upgrade for these styles of DSLR cameras.

You can check out the full spec, price and images of the new Canon 90D here.

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By Park Cameras on 28/08/2019

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