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World Photography Day August 19th

World Photography Day is an internationally recognised celebration of this amazing hobby, passion and way of life for so many people around the world.

World Photography Day 2021 August 19th

The celebration stems from the invention of the ‘daguerreotype' after which on August 19, 1839, the French government purchased a patent from Louis Daguerre. France declared it a gift to the world, for anyone to use without cost. Well, almost everyone. The French were still smarting from the Napoleonic Wars, and there had been a long rivalry with Britain reaching back hundreds of years, and so, they excluded Britain from the gift. British photographers had to pay a license fee to use the technique. Fortunately for the British, around the same time, William Henry Fox Talbot had independently developed his own system, and so, the two processes evolved, at first, in parallel.

Fortunately, the world is a much more peace-loving place than it was in the 1800s. Overall, despite some hiccups, we get on together much better than we did 182 years ago. Now, on August 19 every year, to celebrate that idea of international camaraderie on the anniversary of France’s generous sharing of the Daguerreotype, it’s World Photography Day.

In recognition of 2021 World Photography Day Park Cameras are holding a series of online events and offering discounts on Olympus and Canon have a whole week of Canon offers for Wildlife Week.

Events timetable for World Photography Day 2021 August 19th

Photographing Wildlife In The Artic With Danny Green

Svalbard is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places on our planet. This remote and pristine environment, a land of mountains and tundra, glaciers and ice are home to a wealth of species, all set in the most awe-inspiring landscape.

When: 10am BST. Where: Facebook

# Canon wildlife week offers available

Coffee with the Cla(i)res

The hosts of the regular Saturday Morning slot, Coffee with the Cla(i)res, features two Olympus UK team members, Clare Harvey-May and Claire Voyle. Their event started during the first lockdown in Britain, where they would share live projects from their homes. It went viral, reaching thousands of photographers from around the world. They will be broadcasting on location and delving into the world of macro.

When: 11am BST/12pm CET/6am ET. Where: Youtube

# Olympus wildlife week offers available

Exploring Menus and Dials: A Q&A with David Smith

David Smith is an Olympus technical expert, especially known in the UK for the one-to-one sessions he delivers to Olympus users and the support he gives in various Facebook groups too. He’ll be talking about the latest Olympus kit and its features, answering questions you put to him.

When: 1pm BST/2pm CET/8am ET. Where: Youtube

Exploring Bird Photography With Andreas Geh

Andreas Geh is a German photographer and Olympus ambassador who shoots fabulous bird life images. He’ll be discussing bird photography and sharing his tips and tricks, as well as answering your questions.

When: 3pm BST/4pm CET/10am ET. Where: Youtube

The Art of Nature With André Boss

Swiss photographer André Boss has a live session concentrating on wildlife. He is an Olympus visionary too and will be talking about his latest projects and answering questions.

When: 5pm BST/6pm CET/12pm ET. Where: Youtube


By Park Cameras on 17/08/2021

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