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Olympus tease with video of new OM-D

Olympus OM-D

Olympus have launched their first teasier for their latest OM-D model, with a confirmed release date of 24th January.

New Olympus OM-D aimed at professional photographers

Olympus state that this is aimed at professionals, with the teasier video showing it being used by a sports / wildlife photographer.

Olympus OM-D

It appears larger than the existing flagship OM-D EM-1 MK II, although whether this is due to a battery grip remains to be confirmed.

As well as being geared towards sports, we can infer that it will be rugged and potentially weatherproof, given the video is set around both sand and water.

Other than this there are no updates on the specification, but check back as we'll bring you more news as it breaks.

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By Ashley Laurence on 03/01/2019

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