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Nikon Z9 Firmware 4 Released

NEWS 13 June 2023 Nikon Z9 Firmware 4.0 upgrades

The Nikon Z9 just keeps getting better with new firmware updates provided by Nikon on a regular basis, and version 4.0 (download here) adds significant improvements to help you nail critical shots, as well as capture greater detail and definition in videos.

Nikon Z9 Firmware 4.0 Released

New Auto Capture

Auto Capture is a completely new feature for remote photography, which lets you set your automated shooting criteria and walk away, letting the camera do its work.

You can stipulate individual or groups of shooting types and stitch your story together remotely.

Motion detection

The Z9 will take photos or start recording video when it detects motion, simply specify the direction, speed or size of the subject and the camera will zero in on exactly the right shot.

Subject detection

The Z9 will take photos or start recording video when it detects your chosen subject, whether a person, animal or vehicle in the frame.

Distance activation

The Z 9’s shutter releases when a subject is in a designated distance area.

Nikon has recommended using Nikon Z lenses for best results with the Auto Capture feature.

Improved Pre Capture for 300 seconds

New Lo 2.0 (ISO 200) equivalent in N-LOG video

A new Lo 2.0 setting (ISO 200 equivalent) for N-LOG captures more details in shadows with extremely low noise. Even when your subject looks dark against a bright background, you can reveal its details beautifully in post.

New Smooth slow motion video, in-camera

You can now record beautiful 4x and 5x 1080p slow motion footage straight to your memory card, no editing required.

Improved control over the speed of Hi-Res Zoom

You can select from 11 speed options (up from three) to give your zoom shot exactly the right feel.

Improved 3D-tracking for small and fast subjects

Tracking persistence has been improved to let you focus on the best moments.

Updated Pre-Release Capture

Always capture the decisive moment with Pre-Release Capture, which can now be activated for up to 300 seconds.

Call it a gimmick, but we love the four new shutter sounds! Make your Z9 sound like a DSLR, Rangefinder, Film camera or even simply electronic beep on release. Nice.

Improved AF of small subjects in the distance

Z9 Firmware 4.0 Summary:

  • New Auto Capture feature
  • New Lo 2.0 setting (ISO 200 equivalent) for N-LOG
  • More control over the speed of Hi-Res Zoom
  • Record 4x and 5x 1080p slow motion footage straight to memory card
  • Improved 3D-tracking for small and quick subjects
  • Keep Pre-Release Capture activated for up to 300 seconds.
  • New shutter sounds
  • Set a delay on the shutter button so your hands are off the camera when the shot is taken.
  • Bracket shots with finer aperture increments: 1.3, 1.5, 1.7, 2.3, 2.5 and 2.7.
  • Assign custom functions to more buttons: four for stills, four for video and five for image playback.
  • Change the 3D Tracking focus point from white to red for higher contrast in bright conditions.
  • Faster, more reliable 3D Tracking for small, erratic subjects.
  • Improved metering accuracy for interval shooting.
  • Numeric display for focus distance on the camera or compatible lenses.
  • Faster, easier reviewing of images in playback mode.
  • Support for Nikon Z DX 12-28mm f/3.5-5.6 PZ VR power zoom lens.

This update is well worth downloading whether you’re a professional photographer, hybrid shooter or an enthusiast who loves the raw power, which the Nikon Z9 delivers.

Download Nikon Z9 Firmware 4.0 here or visit our Nikon Z9 product page to discover more about this phenomenal flagship mirrorless camera.

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