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Lastolite to Manfrotto Rebrand

Lastolite to Manfrotto Rebranding

Lastolite is one of the biggest names in studio lighting equipment with hugely popular panoramic backgrounds and a diverse range of studio accessories. During 2021 the Lastolite brand will be merged into the Manfrotto brand.

Bringing together these two highly respected names will create one of the most comprehensive ranges of lighting tools available in the market, falling exclusively under Manfrotto’s brandname. Manfrotto products are used throughout the world to help content creators take their productions to the next level with professional, innovative solutions for stills and video content.

Will products change?

Product designs will remain exactly the same and will not be changed in any way. Only the branding will change, from Lastolite to Manfrotto. This includes branding on packaging, on products themselves, on product instructions and in marketing materials.

Made in the UK

Manfrotto branded products will continue to be designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK. Manfrotto’s highly experienced teams use the highest quality materials for manufacturer and products undergo the same rigorous testing and quality control as ever.

Will I receive Lastolite or Manfrotto branded products?

Park Cameras still hold stock of some Lastolite products. These will gradually be depleted and replaced during 2021/2022. This means when you order from us you may receive a Lastolite branded product or if it is later in 2021 / 2022 you will start to receive Manfrotto branded products. All products are identical, aside from the branding.

Are there any changes other than branding?

There will be environmental benefits with the Lastolite to Manfrotto Rebrand. Traditional Lastolite ‘blue’ soft bags will be replaced with new sustainably sourced Manfrotto black bags. Each year it is estimated that 450,000 recycled plastic bottles will be used to make these new Manfrotto bags.

FSC certified recycled cardboard packaging will also be introduced. Recycled cardboard packaging will feature a Manfrotto Lighting ‘Digital Brochure’ barcode, which will download information about the product in the box when scanned.

How will warranties be affected?

All Manfrotto products are warrantied by Vitec Imaging Solutions who are responsible for some of the biggest brands in the photography business. Eligible ‘LL coded’ Manfrotto products will still qualify for the 8-year warranty extension. See to register your new product.

With Manfrotto’s extensive industry experience we believe this rebrand is a great move and we will continue to help our customers choose the best lighting equipment for their needs.

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By Park Cameras on 07/07/2021

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