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Quickfire Questions with Wildlife Photographer Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse is famous for his adventurous brand of wildlife photography - taking stunning photos of everything from Tigers to Polar Bears in their natural environment. We asked Andy 5 quickfire questions ahead of his appearance at our Wildlife Day event, to find out more about the man behind the lens.

Andy Rouse

Quickfire questions with Andy Rouse

We're delighted to have Andy making an appearance at our Wildlife Day event this Saturday. We interrupted his busy schedule to find out what his seminars will cover. If you've not been lucky enough to reserve a spot at his seminars, don't worry - you can catch him for a limited time at the fully stocked Canon stands.

And of course, it's also a great excuse to share some of his stunning photos!

Q1: Andy you've travelled to some incredible destinations during your expeditions - what has been the most challenging aspects of shooting in extreme conditions? 

To be honest, nothing that you might think, the kit has been great in both extreme cold and heat! It’s the photographer that is the main issue. I cannot stand excessive heat, which is a laugh for someone that works with Tigers in Indian Summers where the temperature hovers around 50 C!

Andy Rouse

Q2: What is currently your must-have kit and how do you look after it whilst you're out on the road?

Well I use the Canon 5D4 most of the time now and I will talk about that on the Wildlife Day. I’ve gone back to my old team of the 100-400 and the 600mm lens too, the 500mm lens is being used now by my other half. My other piece of essential kit is my Flexline Pro tripod head, it just delivers what I need when I need it and holds any lens I have.

Q3: Being a self-taught photographer, is there any skill in particular you've developed that a budding professional should learn? 

Persistence. Ignoring jealousy on social media. And developing your own vision and style. All of which I will talk about at the Wildlife Day and all of which I consider essential for anyone to master.

Andy Rouse

Q4: How has your work as a professional photographer allowed you to explore your passion for conservation?

Well, I quickly realised that I was not the greatest orator on the planet so my conservation voice has changed to be my work. I allow others much more talented than me, and who know what they are doing, to use my work for good. That means I contribute to conservation in the best way possible and it’s something that is very important to me.

Andy Rouse

Q5: Was there a specific photograph (or animal) that spurred you on to go full-time as a wildlife photographer?

No it was a passion for animals and a realisation that I wasn’t much good at anything else so I had nothing to hold me back! I’m not a 9-5 type, not an office worker and not motivated by money hence my kinda lifestyle now is perfect.

Find out more about our Wildlife Day event at our Burgess Hill store (8th September 2018)

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