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International Women's Day 2016 Women Photographers

Today (8th March 2016), it is International Women’s Day – a day that highlights gender parity around the world. As such, we've been taking a look at some of the most well-known female photographers and the shots they've taken – hopefully their shots will inspire you to get and about and take some photos of your own, that could become classics in years to come!?

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Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange is an American photographer, primarily known for her range of photos documenting the Great Depression in the 1930s. Prior to this, she ran a successful portrait studio in San Francisco, but changed her focus when travelling around the Southwest where she developed her style of documentary photography. In later life, she co-founded Aperture, producing a range of high-end photography books and travelled to countries including Pakistan, Korea and Vietnam, continuing to document what she saw along the way.

Margaret Bourke-White

Another well-known female photographer from America, Margaret also became known for the images she captured around the world. However, in particular it was the photos she captured of the rapid industrial growth at the end of the 1920s in the Soviet Union that really brought her name to the attention of a lot of people, as she was the first foreign photographer to shoot in this region. She then went on to be one of the first four staff photographers to work for weekly magazine Life, focussing on a range of International topics.

Annie Leibovitz

Annie is a photographer has developed a distinctive look in her photos that have become known around the world, after shooting for popular magazines Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. This then led to working in some high profile advertising campaigns and has had her photos featured in exhibitions around the world. Annie Leibovitz has also shot numerous photos of celebrities from across the world, with one of her most famous / controversial photos of a nude and very pregnant Demi Moore.

Vivian Maier

Unlike the other female photographers we’ve mentioned here, American born Vivian Maier didn’t work as a photographer, but as a nanny. In her spare time, Vivian would head out and shoot a whole range of subjects that she found interesting – mostly in Chicago and New York. Over the course of five decades, she amassed over 100,000 negatives! In the 1950s, Vivian was able to process her own prints in her own darkroom, but from the 1970s, this was no longer possible, as she moved from family to family as part of her work. Most of these negatives were stored in a storage warehouse, which eventually got actioned off. Her work only came to light in 2007 when it was discovered in an auction, and her shots can now be seen at exhibitions around the world. Her story was also featured in a documentary sharing her store to a wider audience.


By Park Cameras on 08/03/2016

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