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Capturing wildlife images in sub-zero temperatures with Lucia Griggi

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Join us for this talk at our London store on Wednesday, 17th August 2022 as wildlife and travel photographer Lucia Griggi shares her experiences shooting wildlife in the Arctic and Antarctica and how she aims to get the perfect shots of animals such as polar bears, leopard seals and penguins in their natural habitats.

During the session Lucia will also discuss how she works with her kit in sub-zero temperatures and aims to give you an insight into the work that she does, and how she uses her experience to gain access to these fragile environments and why giving back to our planet is such an important role.

Lucia encourages participation within her talks, so if you’ve any questions about wildlife photography, there will be plenty of opportunity to have any questions you might have, answered.

Plus, head to the Canon area of the store after the session where you can try out the range of cameras and lenses for yourself.

This event is part of ‘Canon Wildlife Week’. Learn more about the range of Canon products at

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Capturing wildlife images in sub-zero temperatures with Lucia Griggi


About Lucia Griggi:

With appearances in more than a dozen books and exhibitions from New York to London, Lucia's talent has led her to work with the BBC, Warner Brothers, Disney, Patagonia, and Nat Geo. She won an award in the 2012 National Geographic Traveler awards with her underwater image of a surfer in Fiji, and in 2015 she progressed into filmmaking, directing movie trailers for Hollywood films such as Mad Max, alongside UK documentaries and now finds herself working in travel and wildlife exploring some of our last frontiers on the planet.

Expeditions to remote and often hostile locations such as Antarctica, Alaska, the Galápagos Islands, the Russian Far East and Siberia have seen Lucia explore the travel sector through moving images and stills. Capturing cultures and wildlife unique to these destinations has become the core of her business and she now works full time in the travel and wildlife industry.

Learn more about Lucia and her work at or check out her Instagram.

Staying Covid-19 secure in 2022.

At Park Cameras, we can confirm that we have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work at Park Cameras.

  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance.
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We will take all guidance from PHE and the UK Government, if further restrictions or safety measures are put into place or necessary, we may review the store re-opening timings and measures.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their loyalty and support during what is a very challenging and uncertain time for us all.


By Park Cameras on 03/08/2022

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