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Win some fantastic prizes in our 'Motion' photo competition

The theme for this competition focussed on the ‘Motion’.

Capturing movement in your photos can be a great way to give the viewer a snapshot of what took place in that single moment of time.

You didn’t disappoint and we had a huge variety of fantastic shots! Check out the winning images below.

Professional photographer Terry Donnelly joined us a guest judge for this competition, and provides comments on each of the winning entries.

Thank you to all who entered.

WINNER: An Di Prima: ‘Jump!’

  • WINNER: An Di Prima: ‘Jump!’


Terry Comments: “Fabulous image, with lots of elements combining to produce this stunning piece of photography. The intense stare and expression of the dog instantly pulls the viewer in and leaves no doubt as to what is the main focal point of the picture. The impact of the image is instant, and holds the viewers attention well.

Using a wide aperture has resulted in good subject separation from its background, and the low height the picture has been taken from, has placed the viewer into the world of that dog for that split second.

The central position of the dog adds to the dynamism of the shot which has strong composition, with strong supporting elements in the frame and complimentary colours throughout. The use of a vignette finishes the image of nicely.

A fine example of great technical ability, combining with a good understanding of the subject, and a photographer with a great eye to produce this stunning picture.”

As the winner, An won a Sony a7 IV + FE 28-70mm kit!

Runner Up: Drew Gibson: ‘Porsche at Sebring!’
  • Runner Up: Drew Gibson: ‘Porsche at Sebring!’


Terry Comments: "A view not normally seen, as the photographer has taken the viewer into the world as seen by a racing driver. The image is technically handled extremely well and the photographer has managed to balance shooting high speed vehicles in low light conditions perfectly.

The movement in the rear wheel of the left-hand vehicle conveys movement and power as the race cars move forward while still retaining good sharp details in the vehicle.
The composition of the picture has taken the viewer right into the action, but still managed to give enough of a general view to set the scene. Beautiful colours throughout this image add that extra finishing touch to a great image.”

As a runner up, Drew won a £25 Park Cameras gift voucher!

Runner Up: Andrew Moss: ‘Foiled Again!’
  • Runner Up: Andrew Moss: ‘Foiled Again!’

Terry Comments: “An unusual and striking image that leaves enough detail to convey a narrative to what is taking place. The unorthodox crop adds tension to the image and the use of slow shutter speed has given the viewer a view that is unique and certainly away from the norm, fitting the theme of the competition, movement perfectly.”

As a runner up, Andrew won a £25 Park Cameras gift voucher!

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By Park Cameras on 19/06/2023

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