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Guide to Compact Cameras

With the number of camera formats expanding at pace, the traditional compact digital camera has been the focus of intense evolution, perhaps even revolution, as a host of the latest exciting technologies converge within one product, ensuring that photographers can still find a pocketable photographic solution that will provide them with stunning results without breaking the bank. Regardless of your reason to buy, every manufacturer will provide you with a compelling range of models, rich in features, but true to their principle aim of delivering fantastic image quality.

Image Stabilisation - Developments in this ever-dependable area of photography, with the likes of Canon’s Dynamic Image Stabilisation, ensure that your images will be steadier and sharper than ever before, even when capturing images on the move.

Touch Screen Technology - Larger and brighter, today’s LCD screens truly put the power of photography in your hands, showcasing technological convergence, by incorporating touch screen technology for easy menu navigation and, in some cases, on screen focusing.

Smart Auto - Too many features? Many cameras can now recognise the environment within which they are being asked to capture images, automatically adapting to ensure that you have the best possible result.

RAW Data Capture - In order to maximise the level of image data that will assist photographers with post-production editing, shooting RAW is still the way to go, allowing compact camera to match their DSLR counterparts.

GPS/Geotagging - Increasingly popular, geotagging allows users to tag photos to ensure that they never forget where they were taken and, upon, upload, allows photogenic locations to be viewed by friends and family alike.

Full HD Movie Mode - Enjoy pin sharp HD movies incorporating stereo sound and optical zooming, easily shared with friends and loved one through integrated HDMI ports and the ability to seamlessly upload to social network sites such as YouTube.

Optical Zoom - A key consideration when deciding; how close you want to get in on the action, now found in increasingly slim line models. For the full effect why not consider a model that offers over 30x Optical Zoom capability?

Hints and Tips - Many camera brands now look to educate photographers with regards to the various modes and functions that they offer, allowing the user to understand the results they are likely to achieve whilst encouraging them to get more creative with their photography.

‘Your World’ Resistant - No matter the circumstances, the current range of rugged, ‘indestructible’ cameras just got tougher: waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof and crushproof; these cameras will take everything that your world throws at it and see it bounce straight off!

HDR Imaging - As seen on cameras such as the Canon PowerShot G1 X, the rewarding world of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is now available through a single shutter release, creating images rich in colour gradation and high contrast scenes.

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By Park Cameras on 11/03/2020

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