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Camera Bags Explained

Camera bags explained

Bags vary largely in size however there are two distinct styles, there are stylish, tactile and bold designs ready to liven up your photography and suit your own personal look. There are also many bags ready to support active photographers travelling for long periods, or through inclement weather with some bags offering pull out weather-proof covers, extra padded straps and even hydration pack compliance.

Strap Design - There’s a bag for every photographer. Bags equipped with two large padded straps and waist straps will offer the best level of comfort for photographers on the go. Whilst single strap sling/shoulder bags offer the ideal balance between quick access and keeping your camera secure whilst you travel.

Personal Storage - Your camera might be your life, but don’t forget to carry the essentials, sun block, water, rain mack. All these things require space; thankfully there are lots of variations in the bags and their level of personal storage.

Laptop Storage - Most medium to large bags share the ability to carry your laptop or tablet computer. Each has its own maximum size of screen measured diagonally in inches. It is worth noting that despite the bags stating that they can carry laptops of certain sizes, your laptop will fit into some better than others.

Wheels - Offering the complete storage solution most manufacturers will have a selection of bags in their range capable of being wheeled just like your suitcase. These bags are ideal for photographers travelling around the world or even just from studio to studio.

Backpacks - Backpacks are the most popular choice of bag; offering security and comfort and varying greatly in design, size and price. From the capacious Tamrac Expedition series, to the stylish Manfrotto Agile and the quick and simple Lowepro Slingshot backpacks you will always be able to find the right bag for your photographic needs.

Compact Photo Cases – Finding the perfect bag for your compact camera has never been easier. With so many colour variations, as well as size, style and storage capabilities you will have no trouble finding a case that protects your camera whilst still staying unique to you.

Laptop Cases - Whether you have a laptop, a netbook or a tablet we have the case for you to protect and carry it with you wherever you go. With different styles like the Tamrac Zuma or the Acme Made Skinny Sleeves you’ll be able to find the case that suits you.

Toploaders - Designed with DSLR cameras, bridge and mirrorless systems in mind, toploading cases offer a snug and compact solution for photographers on the go that don’t want too much baggage. Toploaders even fit smaller DSLRs with a zoom lens on, making them perfect for any situation.

Rolling Bags - Often also referred to as rolling hard cases, these are ideal for studio photographers who’s work requires them to travel with all the equipment they can carry rolling cases have wheels for easy travel with an abundance of professional equipment. Varying in size these cases can suit any level of equipment and are great for air travel.

Shoulder Bags – Just ordered a DSLR kit and are looking for a bag that can carry your camera, lenses and accessories? Shoulder bags are made for just that. Being more compact than backpacks but more encompassing than a toploader shoulder bags allow you to carry everything you need without having to worry about carrying a bulky bag as well.

Straps - Useful for any photographer on the go these neck and wrist straps help protect your camera from any accidental drops. Our range of straps span from simple manufacturer own neck straps to heavy duty ballistic straps by Black Rapid to prevent theft when on the move.


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