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Lowepro Toploader Camera Bags

Toploading or holster bags allow photographers to move faster and lighter whilst still providing quick and easy access to their cameras. These are a great alternative to a larger camera bag such as a backpack as they are considerably lighter and hang around the front of the chest, rather than the back. The Lowepro toploader range provide quick and easy access to any camera system, whether a DSLR or mirrorless with an attached lens. Larger bags can also hold a compact mirrorless with another spare lens below.

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Various models are available depending on the size of equipment which will be stowed. Larger bodies and longer lenses will require a bigger bag such as the 75 AW II. The ‘AW’ acronym across the entire Lowepro bag range stands for ‘all weather’ which lets photographers worry less about bringing gear out in rainy conditions, thanks to water resistant materials.

Choose one of these highly popular padded cases to access photography equipment more quickly, whilst keeping it safe from knocks and damage, regardless of which brand you shoot with.

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