At Park Cameras we have always looked to offer our valued customers a combination of unrivalled service and competitively priced products. The latter is made possible through adopting a daily process through which we try to ensure that we offer the most competively priced products within the UK. Underpinning our approach to photographic retailing is our continued stocking of UK-only product, but what does this mean? At Park Cameras we thought that we would take the time to inform you as to why cheaper prices are not always what they seem.

Park Cameras has, and always will, source UK stock direct from UK-based suppliers unlike other UK-based retailers who will on occassion bring in stock from outside of the UK. Our approach is built upon the longstanding relationships that we have with many of the world’s leading photographic and audio visual brands. Our commitment to these brands ensures that we are amongst the first to receive stock of the latest digital cameras, camcorders and accessories in the UK along with the training and knowledge to sell these to our customers. In addition to this, we also enjoy accredited status with many of the biggest photographic brands including, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Ricoh, allowing us to provide an even higher level of service than many of our main competitors.

This reconfirms our stance on the value of only purchasing and then selling UK-only stock, but why should you avoid buying grey and what is a ‘grey product’?

Firstly, a grey product broadly defines any product that is sourced from a foreign market outside of the UK. Whilst we realise that at face value this provides a product that is sometimes cheaper, you might want to consider the following:

  • Should you wish to purchase from outside of the UK, your product may well not come with a valid UK warranty or offer you the chance to benefit from a particular manufacturers extended warranty. This will lead to the potentially costly exercise of securing a third party warranty.
  • Retailers operating outside of the UK may not include VAT or import duty. Should this be the case and you choose to purchase the product then you are legally obliged to pay the VAT at 20% and import duty.
  • Some grey products don't come with a 3 pin UK plug and English instructions. Some importers, however, do add this in to the box, but the product still may not be designed for use in the UK and may not adhere to UK safety standards.
  • Should your product go missing in transit then unless you have secured costly insurance cover then you will be obliged to pay for a new one as the retailer you have used may take no further responsibility once they have shipped the goods.
  • The same principle applies should there be a problem with the product; you are highly unlikely to secure any after-sales support.
  • You may also wish to consider how these products have been stored and shipped. Retailer standards in many countries will not be as high as they are in the UK with packaging and warehouse facilities often being rated as sub-standard

Suddenly, the concept of purchasing cheaper, grey stock might become less appealing. When buying from Park Cameras you can be guaranteed of UK-stock, UK warranty and extended warranty options and of course you will receive Park Cameras award-winning, excellent service.

Park Cameras Thining Grey?