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Park Cameras Shoot It Like a Pro - Metering, Exposure & Colour Seminar with John Clements -

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Shoot It Like a Pro - Metering, Exposure & Colour Seminar with John Clements - LONDON Wednesday 25th November 2015


Shoot It Like a Pro - Metering, Exposure & Colour  Seminar with John Clements -  LONDON Wednesday 25th November 2015 11.30-17.30

Held at our London Showroom

This course is held at our London store - Click here for directions.

Being able to obtain the best exposure is fundamental to good photography. It allows maximum camera and file qualities, and can save significant post capture time.

So why not have crash course in understanding metering and the resulting exposure, from an industry respected and experienced photographer. Automation, although good, is not perfect.

John Clements ‘Shoot It Like A Pro’
- Metering, Exposure & Colour Workshop.

Course Details
No matter if you take pictures purely for pleasure or are a pro, unless you understand certain skills things will only frustrate, cost time and money.

At the heart of every genre, from family snaps, shooting landscapes to commercial advertising photography, getting metering, exposure and colour recorded to your requirements, are a must.

But each takes time to master, understand and implement. 

And different subjects, available time and location can need plan ‘b’.

So who better to lead you through the maze of how, why and when with each aspect than John?

A one stop workshop to see clearly the main choices and skills needed to implement them.

With practical sessions and clear demonstrations throughout, he combines his respected technical skills that have been used by some of the biggest imaging companies, with his decades of pro shooting experience for his clients.

With a reputation for demystifying even the most complex aspects John will guide step-by-step in an easy to follow way.

From the very basics by way of an introduction or a reminder, through to high level out of camera results and workflow.

A must for anyone who wants a solid grounding not just now but for the future of their picture taking.

This day offers a unique ‘crash course’ for those who want to maximise what they can achieve in minimum time.

Based on real subjects from landscapes, to travel photography through to numerous types of people shooting, it promises to be one of the most rewarding days you could spent on your image making.

Delegates are requested to bring their cameras plus lens(s).
Anything from around 35mm to 85mm or fixed focal length equivalent  would be practical for the days content. But other focal lengths can also be brought along if preferred.

Some of the content covered:
Understanding Metering - the principles it is based upon.
Metering - In camera metering pattern options.
Achieving professional standards of metering, how and why it is important.
Hand held metering - is it suitable for your type of photography?
Apertures, Shutter speeds & ISO. the real things you need to know about them.
Achieving the best auto exposure using bracketing and compensation.
Maximising manual control still the best for many- why and how.
Working under changeable and or time limited situations.
How to achieve maximum performance when there is time.
Measuring and using your cameras dynamic range and why it is important.
Creating High Dynamic Range exposures and the pro’s and cons.
Understanding and using a standard histogram.
Walking away with the best exposure
Viewing - limitations and solutions.
Your cameras colour palette, and getting the most from it.
Understanding & mastering White Balance.
Using your RGB Histograms.
Into Post Capture - choosing your workflow.
Working to a pro standard for better images - less stress and maximum enjoyment.
Practical demonstrations and opportunities throughout to explore the concepts.
Q & A throughout.

Timetable of the day:
• 11:10 - 11:30 - Coffee and registration
• 11:30 - 14.00 - Morning session
• 14:00 - 14.45 - Lunch
• 14:45 - 17:30 - Afternoon session

About John Clements
John Clements has an impressive photographic pedigree spanning over three decades. As a pro photographer, his clients include those from the corporate world, many household names, plus well known people, alongside the Great British public.

He has photographed across a wide genre of people and non people photography.

In addition, he was formerly Nikon UK’s ‘Advisor Of Photography’ for a number of years, a respected and privileged position. He has, and continues to work in a consultancy capacity with many other leading imaging companies.
Author of over a dozen books, sold in numerous languages, John has also widely written and road tested equipment for a significant number of photo magazines previously. 
His workshop and seminar presentations excite people with their insight and content. Delivered with a clear, motivational, and very approachable style that delegates simply warm too.
John is a highly respected presenter, combining vast technical knowledge, an eye for the creative image, with real world explanations.

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