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Park Understanding Your Nikon D810 2 Hour 1-2-1

Product Code: SOP2015OED810
Understanding Your Nikon D810 2 Hour 1-2-1


The course is a bespoke 2 hour 1-2-1 . Please contact us so we can find a convenient time and date for you.

This course is held at our Burgess Hill training centre.

To cover the use of the Nikon D800 / D800E/ D810 models with a view to ensuring users are able to maximize the potential of this class leading camera in terms of usage and performance.

Suitable for
Those who have recently purchased a Nikon D810 , D800 or a D800E

Topics covered during the course / schedule of the session• Lenses & Related accessories – why the choice of lenses are paramount to maximizing quality on the D810 / D800 / D800E
• Menu navigation – and the use of My Menu (to be explored later in the day).
• Understanding Nikon’s new autofocus choices AF-S, AF-A & AF-C and 39 point focusing
• Dust Delete Data & Sensor Cleaning
• LCD brightness – Auto & Manual selection
• Live view mode explained – Use of the Live view mode and appropriate setup
• Movie modes – shooting & playing back HD video footage (recommended settings for shooting HD video)
• Metering – recommend metering options, Matrix, Centre Weighted, & Spot
• ISO / Film speeds – Auto Vs Manual
• Histograms & Exposure Compensation, how these can be used to ensure correct exposure in camera.
• Using Flash – On / Off camera & Wireless flash explained
• Recommended software choice and how to deal with moiré using Nikon Capture NX

Required equipment
If you own a Nikon D800 / D800E please bring this along with a fully charged battery and a storage card.
Course Duration

Approximately 2 hours

Skillset / Knowledge requirement

It is assumed that those attending will have sufficient photographic knowledge related to the use of a high end DSLR camera. As such delegates will be expected to have a working knowledge of the following:
• Apertures
• Shutter speeds
• Film Speeds / ISO’s
• Metering options
• RAW recording format
• Use of image manipulation software


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