School of Photography Understanding Your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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Course Information
Course Name: Understanding your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Course Location: Park Cameras School of Photography - Burgess Hill Training Centre
Course Dates

This course usually runs once every month, for more information on dates and to book this course click here

Course Overview

Understanding Your Canon EOS 5D Mark IV aims to explain how to make the most of your camera, how to navigate the comprehensive menus and explore the features of the 5D Mark VI, including Focus, ISO, HDR, Video and WIFI connectivity.

Topics Covered

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Explaining the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV’s 61-point focusing system 
  • Focus case scenarios explained & how these can be used to ensure more accurate and 
  • Responsive autofocus.
  • Set up of the camera’s AF system for genre specific scenarios including wildlife, sport, aviation etc.
  • Set up of camera wi-fi and control using a suitable smart phone / tablet 
  • Navigation of the camera  menus including 'My Menu'
  • Use of the Dual Pixel capability
  • Dual card facility - how to set it up and use it practically  
  • Use of GPS for Geotagging and how this integrates with third-party applications  
  • Use of the intervalometer for time-lapse photography 
  • Use of the additional video feature set, including autofocus and recording settings 
  • Recommended setup for maximum performance and ease-of-use 
  • Menu navigation and the use of 'My Menu' (plus further explanation later in the day) 
  • Resolution - the benefits of RAW over JPEG files & software compatibility and recommendations  
  • Dust Delete Data - Why this is essential to prevent problems with dust spots affecting your images 
  • Custom user settings - how to customise the camera for common shooting scenarios 
  • Highlight alert - why the use of this feature can help reduce the risk of over exposure 
  • LCD Brightness - Auto & Manual Selection, advantages & disadvantages of using the default auto settings 
  • Live View mode fully explained along with the appropriate use and setup 
  • Movie Modes - Shooting & playing back 4k / HD video footage and recommended settings for shooting  4K/HD video 
  • Metering - recommended metering options for Evaluative, Centre Weighted, Partial, and Spot. 
  • ISO/film speeds - Auto vs. Manual (Advantages of using Auto ISO explained for P & AV modes)
  • Histograms & Exposure Compensation and how these can be used to ensure correct exposure in camera 
  • Calibration of the camera battery 
  • Lenses and related accessories 
  • Recommended software choice - Canon's own bundled software (DPP) vs alternatives 
  • Firmware - The importance of updating the camera's firmware.
Required Equipment

If you own a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV please bring this with you, along with
a fully charged battery and a storage card.

If you own a smart phone and / or a tablet and wish to set up the Wi-Fi capability for camera control please also brings this along.

(Note please ensure you have your Apple ID / Google Play details as you will be required to download the corresponding Canon app).

What is included with this course?

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is a high-end DSLR camera; by attending this course you will therefore be expected to have a working photographic knowledge of the following:

  • Apertures 
  • Shutter Speeds 
  • Film Speeds/ISO 
  • Metering Options 
  • RAW file formats 
  • Use of image manipulation software 
Course Reviews
  • Lunch 
  • Refreshments - tea, coffee, and other hot or cold drinks available throughout the day 
  • Comprehensive course notes supplied electronically via download link

Park Cameras offer a range of photography courses in London and West Sussex for a range of cameras and photographic styles, please see our School of Photography page or call us on 01444 23 70 70 for more information on any of our photography classes.

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