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Steiner Discovery 8x44

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Feel the comfort of innovation

In close cooperation with birdwatchers from all over the world we developed innovations that are specially tailored to the requirements of birdwatching. It‘s obvious that these would have to meet or exceed the highest quality standards available. It’s also clear that they must possess an optical performance that delivers first-class light transmission, brightness, optimal contrast and true colours as well as and exact resolution of details. In addition to all the precision, our new range of Discovery binoculars offer absolute comfort and ease of use. The unique STEINER Comfort Balance System sets new standards in handling and comfort. This makes the Discovery 8x44 the perfect companion for short trips or long tours.

Extreme ruggedness

Binoculars from STEINER withstand the toughest demands made on them. They feature an extremely compact and resistant design that can cope with the most demanding conditions. Their unique ruggedness has been STEINER’s hallmark for over 60 years.


A small movement of the central focussing wheel with your finger is all that‘s needed to recognise details from close-up to infinity quickly and with absolute sharpness. The Fast-Close-Focus completely bypasses the need for clumsy and time consuming turning of the focussing wheel. The focusing knob with stepless, attenuated adjustment makes focusing quick, smooth and easy even when wearing thick gloves in bitterly cold weather. With an excellent close focus range, an extremely comfortable handling with perfect focussing in an unbelievably short time is provided.

STEINER Nano-Protection

Unsurpassed clear vision is offered by the proven STEINER Nano-Protection®. It provides the lenses with a dirt and water resistant surface, protecting them against aggressive environmental effects. Rain, salt-water, snow and moisture are eliminated from your view by this repelling layer. Cleaning is considerably simplified and hard-to-remove dirt becomes a thing of the past. The ultra-thin hydrophobic surface treatment on the objective and ocular lenses is extremely robust and ensures that your binoculars will deliver high-contrast brilliant images across the decades.

Dual Precision Setting

The Discovery delivers sharper images than any other binoculars thanks to its Dual Precision Setting. No other birding binoculars allow you to focus both eyes independently of each other. It's done directly at the ocular, and thus a perfect image is created for each eye. The Dual Precision Setting allows massive differences in dioptre strength on each eye to be compensated for. Simply set the dioptre strength for each eye and you will always see sharply without having to readjust. Those without vision impairment simply set the control to "0".

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