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Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera + FE 24-70 f/2.8 GM Lens

Product Code: 7014843C
No-compromises design and technology in conjunction with a constant F2.8 zoom lens that can fully utilize the performance potential of alpha a9
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Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera Body

  • 24.2 Megapixel Full-frame Exmor RS CMOS Sensor
  • 20fps in continuous mode with AF/AE tracking at shutter speeds of greater than 1/125 sec
  • Up to 241 RAW frames/362 JPEGs in continuous mode
  • Phase-detection AF with 693 points
  • Focus joystick on rear
  • 5-axis Image Stabilisation for exposure compensation of 5 stops
  • ISO 100-51,200 with expanded mode up to 204,800
  • 4K Video capture minus pixel binning for highest quality 4K
  • Impressive battery life of 480 shots using EVF, 650 using LCD screen
  • 3,686K Quad-VGA OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Dual SD card slots - 1 x UHS-II compatible
  • Ethernet connection for FTP/FTPS image transfer
  • Compatible with Sony E-mount lenses

Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM G Master Standard Zoom Lens SUMMARY

  • 3 aspherical elements including XA, ED, and Super ED 
  • 9-blade aperture coated with Nano AR coating
  • Direct drive Super Sonic Wave Motor focusing system
  • Dust and moisture-resistant
  • AF/MF switch and focus hold, zoom lock, and hood release buttons

Compatible Sony cameras

Full Details

New full-frame stacked CMOS sensor wth ntegral memory

α9 s the mrrorless camera that delvers next-generaton hgh-speed performance far exceedng SLRs. t's equpped wth the world's frst 5mm stacked CMOS mage sensor wth ntegral memory for 0 tmes faster overall readout speed. Ths 4.MP mage sensor acheves hgh senstvty of up to SO 04800 (extended) wth the desgn of back-llumnated structure.  () Pxel area  () ntegral memory  () H-speed sgnal processng crcut  (4) mage processng engne

Hgh-speed BONZ X mage processng engne

Achevng processng speed beyond the prevous model, BONZ X mage processng engne s optmsed for speed to relably capture fast-movng subjects and realse contnuous shootng of up to 0fps. Due to the newly developed mage-processng algorthm, you can capture hgh-qualty mages wth less nose all across the senstvty range whle mantanng natural detals.

0fps contnuous shootng wth AF/Ae trackng

A combnaton of groundbreakng hgh-speed full-frame exmor RS CMOS sensor and hgh-speed BONZ X processor enables 0fps contnuous shootng wthout a break for as many as 6 shots. Thanks to the capablty of dsplayng subjects nearly as naturally as they appear n realty, eVF lets you "sync" your ntentons wth camera behavour.

AF trackng senstvty adjustment

When shootng stlls, the senstvty wth whch autofocus wll follow subjects that move outsde the focus area can be adjusted n 5 steps. Select "5" (most senstve) when focusng successvely on subjects at varyng dstances, or "" (least senstve) to keep focus on a man subject when other subjects are movng between the man subject and camera, for example.

Blackout-free shootng

Thanks to the non-mechancal electronc shutter system, you can observe the realty of what you're shootng through the electronc vewfnder even durng contnuous shootng, wthout blackout nterrupton that typcally occurs among optcal vewfnders due to up-and-down mrror moton. enhanced speed of the mage sensor elmnates dstractng eVF dsplay lag n contnuous shootng, so that you can compose mages wth natural comfort, lke seeng scenes wth your own eyes.  (A) Blackout-free shootng  (B) Shootng wth blackout

AF/Ae calculatons up to 60 tmes/sec.

AF/Ae s calculated up to 60 tmes per second and vrtually unnterrupted not only whle composng but also even releasng the shutter. You can depend on ths contnuous AF/Ae - operated on the mage sensor - to lock onto and track erratcally movng subjects wth sgnfcantly hgh speed, precson, and relablty.  () AF/Ae calculatons  () 60tmes/sec  () 0 frames/sec

Fast shutter release at /000 sec., acheved slently

explore the advantages of a hgh-speed slent shutter that s fully dgtal - wthout a physcal mechansm. A result of Sony's mage sensor nnovaton, ths shutter acheves speeds up to /000 sec., beyond the lmts of mechancal systems. Hgh curtan speed of the electronc shutter suppresses rollng shutter effect and shows excellent performance n capturng movng subjects durng sports and other fast-movng actvtes.

69-pont focal-plane phase-detecton AF

α9 brngs you 69 phase-detecton AF ponts n a hgh-densty focal-plane AF system, provdng dstnctvely wde and dense AF pont coverage over approxmately 9% of the mage area. Ths enables more accurate, effcent, and relable focus on subjects throughout the frame.

enhanced eye AF

eye AF can capture ntrgung facal expressons wth enhanced accuracy through 0% mproved precson of eye detecton. Ths enhanced feature automatcally focuses on and even tracks focus on a subject's eye as the face moves or turns to a /4 vew, extendng your freedom to frame a great shot.

Precson AF effectve down to eV- brghtness

Low-lght AF detecton down to eV- at SO 00 has been acheved. The precson AF system wll functon properly even when shootng dmly lt scenes. Ths opens dramatc new possbltes n low-lght and nght shootng.

AF/Ae-trackng contnuous shootng wth A-mount lenses

The body's 69-pont focal-plane phase-detecton AF provdes wde-area coverage, fast response, and hgh trackng performance, not only for e-mount but also for A-mount lenses wth use of a mount adaptor (LA-eA). Contnuous shootng of up to 0fps wth AF trackng s possble.

Focus Area Regstraton functon

Frequently used focus area settng can be memorsed and recalled va custom button assgnments for fast, convenent one-push access when needed. Ths can be handy when the deal focus pont changes often, for example, wth a tenns stroke. n addton to the focus pont, the focus area can be set as requred for optmum focus performance wth the scene beng photographed.

Recall Custom Settng durng Hold

Memorsed exposure settngs (shutter speed, aperture, AF area, etc.) can be assgned to custom buttons for temporary recall whle the button s held. For example, f you shoot sports n a stadum, you mght want to quckly capture a shot of the scoreboard, requrng a temporary change n exposure, and then go back to the acton.

Hgh-resoluton Quad-VGA OLeD Tru-Fnder

See your subject wth a brght mage for natural, seamless shootng. Quad-VGA OLeD Tru-Fnder has approx. 686k-dot hgh resoluton wth 0.78x fnder magnfcaton, corner-to-corner clarty, and ZeSS T* Coatng to reduce reflectons. Dsplay mode at hgh 0fps refresh rates provdes a smooth mage wth mnmal dsplay blur when shootng movng subjects. Fluorne coatng s appled on the outmost lens for mproved protecton from drt.

Body-ntegrated 5-axs mage stablsaton

The body-ntegrated mage stablsaton system s fne-tuned to compensate accurately for 5-axs camera shake that can compromse handheld shootng. Ths gves you extremely hgh performance n both stlls and moves, whether you're shootng at longer focal lengths, n close-ups, or at nght. Camera shake compensaton s equvalent to usng a 5.0-stop faster shutter speed, allowng stable determnaton of composton at tmes of capturng subjects n hgh-speed moton. Real-tme effects can be montored va lve vew.  () Yaw  () Ptch  () Roll

Dual slots for convenent data management

Two meda slots are provded for you: one for SD cards and one for SD/Memory Stck cards. Lower card slot supportng UHS- type cards s avalable for fast transfer speed. Stll or move data can be smultaneously recorded to both cards for backup, or RAW/JPeG mages or stlls/moves can be recorded to dfferent cards. Data can also be coped between cards.

FTP transfer va LAN termnal on the camera body

Usng a new termnal for wred LAN connecton, you can convenently transfer stll mage fles to a specfed FTP server for vewng and management as needed. A wred LAN connecton gves you the hghest possble transfer speeds for large mage fles - an deal soluton for studo photography. Moreover, snce FTPS (Fle Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS) s supported, mage fles can be encrypted wth SSL or TLS whle beng transferred, assurng a hgher level of securty.

Renewed operablty and My Menu

Set up your camera for peak performance and nstant ablty to capture unque moments. My Menu allows menu tems to be regstered for nstant recall, and you can also create your own orgnal custom menu to sut your needs. n addton, custom button assgnments let you customse the camera nterface to perfectly match your ndvdual shootng preferences. Up to 7 functons can be assgned. Moreover, stacked drve mode and focus mode dals provde fast access, AF-ON button offers a handy means to actvate autofocus by smple pressng when shootng stlls or moves, and mult-selector can be used as an effcent way to shft AF ponts.

.0-type 440k-dot LCD screen

Take charge of α9 performance wth ths .0-type LCD touch screen, featurng 440k dots for enhanced resoluton and detaled vewng. Convenent Touch Focus feature also allows you to freely choose an area of focus by smply touchng on the LCD screen. The screen tlts as much as 07 upwards and 4 downwards for flexble hold and framng.

Locaton nformaton Lnk va Bluetooth

Locaton nformaton Lnk makes the most of α9 capabltes. The camera can be pared wth PlayMemores Moble app nstalled on a compatble moble phone or tablet devce to acqure locaton data, record t on stll mages, and correct camera date/tme and locaton settngs. PlayMemores Home applcaton can be used on a personal computer to organse mported stll mages on a map.

Fle Name Settng for easy organsaton

Customse the frst three characters of a fle name on the camera. Whle the name starts wth "DSC" by default, you can change and regster three characters of your choce. Ths helps photographers manage fles easly, especally when workng wth multple cameras durng assgnments.

One-touch remote & One-touch sharng

Use one-touch remote to turn a smartphone or tablet nto a vewfnder/remote control. One-touch sharng transfers photos/vdeos to your devce for SNS sharng. Just nstall a PlayMemores Moble app va W-F to your NFC-enabled Androd devce, and then touch the devce to the camera to connect them. f you don't have NFC, use QR code compatblty to par the devces.

Support for uncompressed 4-bt RAW format

For RAW recordng, 4-bt RAW output and 6-bt mage processng help preserve maxmum detal and produce mages of the hghest qualty wth rch tonal gradatons. The 4-bt RAW (Sony ARW) format ensures optmal qualty for later mage adjustment (va mage Data Converter or other software).

enhanced P-TTL flash meterng

Your compostons can beneft sgnfcantly from reflected lght va pre-flash fred a moment before the man flash s precsely metered. Moreover, hgh-precson lghtng control not easly affected by background condtons s provded manly around the subject area, utlsng dstance data from the lens n use. The result s stable command of llumnaton that suppresses underexposure, whch tends to occur wth whte clothng and walls, as well as overexposure that may affect lghtng of black clothng and nghtscapes.

Sync termnal

Compatble external flash unts wth standard sync termnals or cables can be drectly connected for convenent flash synchronsaton, enhancng photographc expresson wth flash shootng.

Tough magnesum alloy body

α9 body s bult for sold relablty, steady handlng, and durablty n the feld. ts nternal structure and top, front, and rear covers are all made of strong, rgd magnesum alloy. Body strength and rgdty and robust lens mount gve you a sold foundaton for lens mountng and rugged use, even wth large, heavy telephoto and move lenses.

Relable dust- and mosture-resstant desgn

enjoy carefree shootng n tough envronments, wth comprehensve dust- and mosture-resstance measures that help guard aganst mosture and dust. Protecton ncludes sealng around buttons, dals, meda jack cover, and enclosure edges featurng tongue-and-groove jonts for double sheldng to tghtly nterlock panels and components.

Hgh-resoluton 4K move recordng

Capture outstandng hgh-qualty 4K moves wth ths latest full-frame camera. Full-pxel readout wthout pxel bnnng for hgh-resoluton 4K moves makes t possble to delver detal-rch full-frame moves va the oversamplng effect acheved by condensng approxmately .4 tmes the amount of data requred for 4K (6K equvalent) for 4K output (QFHD: 840 x 60). Furthermore, the hgh speed of the newly developed mage sensor reduces the rollng shutter effect.

mproved Fast Hybrd AF for move shootng

Keep mages sharp and clear n shootng 4K moves. Fast Hybrd AF for move recordng has evolved and ts AF area has been extended to nearly the same wdth as that for stlls, enablng hgh-speed hgh-precson AF throughout the frame. Also, further reducton of speed at the "low" end of AF speed enables more pronounced slow focus effects.

XAVC S for hgh-btrate recordng

XAVC S format s used for 4K and HD recordng. Hgh btrates of up to 00Mbps for 4K 0p (5p)/4p recordng, and up to 50Mbps for full-HD 60p (50p)/0p (5p)/4p recordng, ensure beautfully detaled moves wth mnmal compresson nose. Snce 00Mbps recordng s possble even at the hghest 0fps n full-HD, hgh-qualty slow-moton sequences can be created durng post processng.

Slow and Quck moton

Vary the pace of move footage to enhance vewng nterest and enjoyment. nstantly selectable va a dal, "S&Q" mode supports slow and quck moton, wth frame rates from fps to 0fps (00fps) selectable n eght steps for up to 60x (50x) quck moton and 5x (4x) slow moton, recordable at Full HD (50Mbps) qualty. You can "play wth tme" by compressng movement or extendng a moment, and then accent ordnary footage wth these nterludes to add comc or dramatc emphass.

Zebra functons

Smplfy exposure wth Zebra. Target vdeo brghtness from 0-09%, set +0% and -0% range, check zebra pattern for areas n range, and see mnmum brghtness to avod blown-out hghlghts.

Supported n Capture One express (for Sony)

Capture One express (for Sony) s one of the world's best RAW converters, renderng precse colours and ncredble detal. t contans flexble dgtal asset management, all the essental adjustment tools, and fast, responsve performance n one customsable and ntegrated soluton.  Note: Please contact Phase One regardng all nqures as to usage and support ncludng functonal compatblty of Capture One express (for Sony).

Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera + FE 24-70 f/2.8 GM Lens Specifications


Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera + FE 24-70 f/2.8 GM Lens Reviews


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