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DxO Optics Pro v10 Essential

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DxO OpticsPro ESSENTIAL EDITION includes powerful and automatic RAW and JPEG image-processing tools. Its numerous presets allow you to adapt the processing to suit your own tastes, and to bring out the best in your photos in just a few clicks.

Instantly remove haze with DxO ClearView

The new exclusive DxO ClearView feature automatically eliminates the heat haze visible in landscape photos, as well as smog in urban photos. No more need to manually apply a mask to your image or to manipulate multiple sliders: DxO ClearView closely analyzes the color components of the image and focuses on a local black. In just one click, the contrast is visibly improved. And for expert photographers, an advanced mode allows for adjusting the intensity of the correction in the foreground separately from that in the background of the image.

Tailor-made optical corrections: push the limits of your lenses

Thanks to scientific calibration of each camera model in DxO’s laboratory, DxO OpticsPro corrects all the optical flaws in your photos with a level of unrivaled quality:

  • Distortion (barrel, pincushion, and fisheye).
  • Vignetting (taking into account shooting conditions).
  • All types of chromatic aberrations, thanks to a thorough analysis of the image.
  • Lack of sharpness, by improving and automatically homogenizing the sharpness from the center outward to the edges of the image.

Thanks to its library of tens of thousands of DxO Optics Modules, which contain copious data about the characteristics of each camera and lens combination, DxO OpticsPro automatically applies corrections that are perfectly adapted to your equipment.

Lens softness: improve the sharpness of your images

Even sharper images: DxO OpticsPro 10 enhances details like no other software and adjusts the micro-contrast to give more life to your photos. Colors are perfectly preserved and artifacts are minimized, even when you push the settings. Thanks to a perfect knowledge of how your lenses perform, the exclusive Lens softness tool homogenizes the sharpness in the image field and makes your photos exceptionally crisp, regardless of your equipment.

DxO Smart Lighting: master the light

Easily restore the balance among the different ranges of light in your photos: DxO Smart Lighting’s exposure optimization automatically brings out the details in both under- and over-exposed areas. Information that you thought was lost is restored, even in the case of strong backlighting. For absolute control, the Selective tone feature lets you separately adjust the different ranges of light: highlights, midtones, shadows, and blacks.

Color rendering: make your images sparkle

Thanks to prior calibration in our laboratories, faithfully reproduce your camera’s color rendering, or choose the color rendering of another camera so as to standardize a series of photos taken with different cameras. With the Protection of saturated colors tool, bring out all the rich details and textures in your shots, even in areas with vivid colors.

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