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Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Body

Product Code: 1010067A
RRP £1,079.00 £749.00   after £0.00 cashback.


Canon EOS 70D - Capture the moment at seven frames per second

Capture the moment in stunning stills and Full-HD movies with the high performance EOS 70D, featuring 7fps full resolution shooting, an advanced 19-point AF system and Canon’s unique Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

• Capture every detail with a 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor
• Follow the action with a 19 cross-type point AF system and 7 fps continuous shooting at full resolution
• Shoot stunning Full-HD movies with fast, smooth, accurate autofocus thanks to Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology
• Control your camera remotely and instantly review your images with Wi-Fi
• Keep shooting when light levels fall thanks to ISO 12800 (H:25600)
• Take control of your camera and frame your subjects from multiple angles with a Vari-angle touch screen

We Love

Capture every detail with a 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
19 cross-type point AF system and 7 fps continuous shooting
Wi-Fi remote control, image review and sharing

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Full Details

Cnon eOS 70D Product Tour

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Body Specifications

mge sensor Type .5mm x 5.0mm CMOS effectve Pxels pprox. 0.0 megpxels Totl Pxels pprox. 0.90 megpxels spect Rto : Low-Pss Flter Bult-n/Fxed wth fluorne cotng Sensor Clenng eOS ntegrted clenng system Colour Flter Type Prmry Colour mge processor Type DGC 5+ Lens Lens Mount eF/eF-S Focl Length equvlent to .6x the focl length of the lens Focusng Type TTL-CT-SR wth CMOS sensor F System/ Ponts 9 cross-type F ponts (extr senstvty t f/.8 t centre)⊃ F Workng Rnge eV -0.5 - 8 (t °C ∓ SO00) F Modes Focus
One Shot
Servo F Pont Selecton utomtc selecton: 9 pont F
Mnul selecton: Sngle pont F
Mnul selecton: Zone F
F ponts cn be selected seprtely for vertcl nd horzontl shootng Selected F Pont Dsply ndcted by trnsmssve LCD n vewfnder nd on top LCD pnel nd Quck Control screen Predctve F Yes, up to 8m⊃ F Lock Locked when shutter button s pressed hlf wy n One Shot F mode or F-ON button s pressed. F ssst Bem ntermttent frng of bult-n flsh or emtted by optonl dedcted Speedlte Mnul Focus Selected on lens F Mcrodjustment C.Fn -
+/- 0 steps (wde nd tele settng for Zooms)
djust ll lenses by sme mount
djust up to 40 lenses ndvdully
djustments remembered for lens by serl number
exposure control Meterng Modes TTL full perture meterng wth 6 zone Dul Lyer SPC
() evlutve meterng (lnked to ll F ponts)
() Prtl meterng (pprox. 7.7% of vewfnder t centre)
() Spot meterng (pprox. .0% vewfnder t centre)
(4) Centre weghted verge meterng Meterng Rnge eV -0 (t °C wth 50mm f/.4 lens SO00) e Lock uto: n One-shot F mode wth evlutve meterng exposure s locked when focus s cheved.
Mnul: By e lock button n cretve zone modes. exposure Compenston +/-5 eV n / or / stop ncrements (cn be combned wth eB). eB , , 5 or 7 Shots +/- eV / or / stop ncrements SO Senstvty* uto (00-800), 00-800 (n /-stop or whole stop ncrements) 
SO cn be expnded to H: 5600
Durng Move shootng: uto (00-6400), 00-6400 (n /-stop or whole stop ncrements) SO cn be expnded to H: 800
Shutter Type electronclly-controlled focl-plne shutter Speed 0-/8000 sec (/ or / stop ncrements), Bulb (Totl shutter speed rnge. vlble rnge vres by shootng mode) Whte blnce Type uto whte blnce wth the mgng sensor Settngs WB, Dylght, Shde, Cloudy, Tungsten, Whte
Fluorescent lght, Flsh, Custom, Colour Temperture Settng.
Whte blnce compenston: 
. Blue/mber +/-9
. Mgent/ Green +/-9. Custom Whte Blnce Yes, settng cn be regstered WB Brcketng +/- levels n sngle level ncrements
brcketed mges per shutter relese.
Selectble Blue/mber bs or Mgent/ Green bs.
Vewfnder Type Pentprsm Coverge (Vertcl/Horzontl) pprox. 98% Mgnfcton pprox. 0.95x⊃ eyepont pprox. mm (from eyepece lens centre) Doptre Correcton - to + m- (doptre) Focusng Screen Fxed (Trnsmssve LCD screen) Mrror Quck-return hlf mrror (Trnsmsson: reflecton rto of 40:60, no mrror cut-off wth eF 600mm f/4 S USM or shorter) Vewfnder nformton F nformton: F ponts, focus confrmton, F re selecton mode
exposure nformton: Shutter speed, perture vlue, SO speed (lwys dsplyed), e lock, exposure level/compenston, spot meterng crcle, exposure wrnng, eB.
Flsh nformton: Flsh redy, hgh-speed sync, Fe lock, flsh exposure compenston, red-eye reducton lght.
mge nformton: Crd nformton, mxmum burst ( dgt dsply), Hghlght tone prorty (D+).
Composton nformton: Grd, electronc level ( methods)
Other nformton: Bttery check, lert symbol Depth of Feld Prevew Yes, wth Depth of Feld prevew button. eyepece Shutter On strp
LCD Montor Type Vr ngle 7.7cm (.0") : Cler Vew TFT, pprox. 040K dots Coverge pprox. 00% Vewng ngle (Horzontlly/Vertclly) pprox 70° Cotng nt-reflecton, Sold Structure nd nt smudge Brghtness djustment djustble to one of seven levels Dsply Optons () Quck Control Screen
() Cmer settngs
() electronc Level
Flsh Bult-n Flsh GN (SO 00, meters) Bult-n Flsh Coverge up to 7mm focl length (5mm equvlent: 8mm) Bult-n Flsh Recycle Tme pprox. seconds Modes uto, Mnul flsh, ntegrted Speedlte Trnsmtter Red-eye Reducton Yes - wth red-eye reducton lmp x-Sync /50sec Flsh exposure Compenston +/- eV n / or / ncrements Flsh exposure Brcketng Yes, wth comptble externl Flsh Flsh exposure Lock Yes Second Curtn Synchronston Yes HotShoe/ PC Termnl Yes/ No externl Flsh Comptblty e-TTL wth ex seres Speedltes, wreless mult-flsh support externl Flsh Control v cmer menu screen Shootng Modes Scene ntellgent uto (Stlls nd Move), No Flsh, Cretve uto, SCN(Portrt, Lndscpe, Close-up, Sports, Nght Portrt, Hndheld Nght Scene, HDR Bcklght Control), Progrm e, Shutter prorty e, perture prorty e, Mnul (Stlls nd Move), Bulb, Custom Pcture Styles uto, Stndrd, Portrt, Lndscpe, Neutrl, Fthful, Monochrome, User Defned (x) Colour Spce sRGB nd dobe RGB mge Processng Hghlght Tone Prorty
uto Lghtng Optmzer (4 settngs)
Long exposure nose reducton
Hgh SO speed nose reducton (4 settngs)
Mult Shot Nose Reducton
uto Correcton of Lens Perpherl llumnton nd Chromtc berrton correcton
Bsc+ (Shoot by mbence selecton, Shoot by lghtng or scene type)
Cretve flters (rt Bold, Wter pntng, Grny B/W, Soft focus, Toy cmer, Mnture effect, Fsh-eye)
RW mge processng - durng mge Plybck only
Resze to M or S, S, S Drve Modes Sngle, Contnuous L, Contnuous H, Self tmer (s+remote, 0s +remote), Slent sngle shootng, Slent contnous shootng Contnuous Shootng Mx. pprox. 7fps. (speed mntned for up to 65 mges (JPeG)⊃⊃(wth UHS- crd), 6 mges (RW))⊃⊃
Lve vew mode Type electronc vewfnder wth mge sensor Coverge pprox. 00% (horzontlly nd vertclly) Frme Rte 0 fps Focusng Mnul Focus (Mgnfy the mge 5x or 0x t ny pont on screen)
utofocus: Dul Pxel CMOS F (Fce detecton nd Trckng F, FlexZone-Mult, FlexZone-Sngle), Phse detecton F (Quck mode) Meterng Rel-tme evlutve meterng wth mge sensor.
evlutve meterng, prtl meterng, spot meterng, center-weghted verge meterng. Dsply Optons Grd overly (x), Hstogrm, Mult spect rtos
Fle type Stll mge Type JPeG: Fne, Norml (exf . [exf Prnt] complnt) / Desgn rule for Cmer Fle system (.0), 
RW: RW, M-RW, S-RW (4bt, Cnon orgnl RW nd edton), 
Dgtl Prnt Order Formt [DPOF] Verson . complnt RW+JPeG Smultneous Recordng Yes, ny combnton of RW + JPeG, M-RW + JPeG, S-RW + JPeG possble. mge Sze JPeG :: (L) 547x648, (M) 468x4, (S) 76x84, (S) 90x80, (S) 70x480
JPeG 4:: (L) 4864x648, (M) 48x4, (S) 4x84, (S) 696x80, (S) 640x480
JPeG 6:9: (L) 547x07, (M) 468x048, (S) 76x56, (S) 90x080, (S) 70x408
JPeG :: (L) 648x648, (M) 4x4, (S) 84x84, (S) 80x80, (S) 480x480
RW: (RW) 547x648, (M-RW) 404x76, (S-RW) 76x84 Move Type MOV (Vdeo: H.64 ntr frme / nter frme, Sound: Lner PCM, recordng level cn be mnully djusted by user) Move Sze 90 x 080 (9.97, 5, .976 fps) ntr or nter frme
80 x 70 (59.94, 50 fps) ntr or nter frme
640 x 480 (9.97, 5 fps) nter frme Move Length Mx durton 9mn 59sec, Mx fle sze 4GB (f fle sze exceeds 4GB new fle wll be creted utomtclly) Folders New folders cn be mnully creted nd selected Fle Numberng () Consecutve numberng
() uto reset
() Mnul reset
Other fetures Custom Functons Custom Functons Metdt Tg User copyrght nformton (cn be set n cmer)
mge rtng (0-5 strs) LCD Pnel / llumnton Yes / Yes Wter/ Dust Resstnce Yes (equl to eOS-N) Sound Memo No ntellgent Orentton Sensor Yes Plybck Zoom .5x - 0x Dsply Formts () Sngle mge wth nformton ( levels) 
() Sngle mge 
() 4 mge ndex
(4) 9 mge ndex
(5) Jump Dsply Slde Show mge selecton: ll mges, by Dte, Folder, Moves, Stlls
Plybck tme: ///5/0/0 seconds
Repet: On/Off
Bckground musc: On/Off
Trnston effect: Off, Slde n , Slde n , Fde , Fde , Fde Hstogrm Brghtness: Yes 
RGB: Yes Hghlght lert Yes mge erse/Protecton erse: Sngle mge, ll mges n folder, Checkmrked mges, unprotected mges
Protecton: erse protecton of one mge t tme Menu Ctegores () Shootng menu (x6)
() Plybck menu (x)
() Setup menu (x4)
(4) Custom Functons menu
(5) My Menu Menu Lnguges 5 Lnguges
englsh, Germn, French, Dutch, Dnsh, Portuguese, Fnnsh, tln, Norwegn, Swedsh, Spnsh, Greek, Russn, Polsh, Czech, Hungrn, Romnn, Ukrnn, Turksh, rbc, Th, Smplfed Chnese, Trdtonl Chnese, Koren nd Jpnese Frmwre Updte Updte possble by the user.
nterfce Computer H-Speed USB Other Vdeo output (PL/ NTSC) (ntegrted wth USB termnl), HDM mn output (HDM-CeC comptble), externl mcrophone (.5mm Stereo mn jck) Drect prnt Cnon Prnters Cnon Compct Photo Prnters nd PxM Prnters supportng PctBrdge PctBrdge Yes Storge Type SD, SDHC or SDxC (UHS-)crd Supported opertng system PC ∓ Mcntosh Wndows 8 / 7 / 7 SP / Vst SP / xP SP
OS x v0.6, v0.7, v0.8
Softwre Browsng ∓ Prntng mgeBrowser ex mge Processng Dgtl Photo Professonl Other PhotoSttch, eOS Utlty, Pcture Style edtor Power source Btteres Rechrgeble L-on Bttery LP-e6 (suppled), bult n for dte ∓ settngs Bttery Lfe pprox. 90 (t °C, e 50%, Fe 50%)⊃
pprox. 850 (t 0°C, e 50%, Fe 50%) Bttery ndctor 6 levels + percentge Power Svng Power turns off fter , , 4, 8, 5 or 0mns. Power Supply ∓ Bttery Chrgers C dpter Kt CK-e6, Bttery chrger LC-e6, Cr Bttery chrger CBC-e6
Physcl specfctons Body Mterls lumnum nd polycrbonte resn wth glss nd conductve fbre Opertng envronment 0 &ndsh; 40 °C, 85% or less humdty Dmensons (WxHxD) 9.0 x 04. x 78.5mm Weght (Body Only) pprox. 755g (CP testng stndrd, ncludng bttery nd memory crd) ccessores Vewfnder eyecup eb, e-seres Doptrc djustment Lens, eyepece extender eP-ex5, ngle Fnder C Cse Lether cse eH-L Wreless Fle Trnsmtter Bult n Lenses ll eF nd eF-S lenses Flsh Cnon Speedltes (90ex, 0ex, 70ex, 70ex , 0ex, 40ex, 40ex, 40ex , 550ex, 580ex, 580ex , 600ex, 600ex-RT, Mcro-Rng-Lte, MR-4ex, Mcro Twn Lte MT-4ex, Speedlte Trnsmtter ST-e, Speedlte Trnsmtter ST-e-RT) Bttery Grp BG-e4 Remote Controller/ Swtch Remote Swtch RS-60e, Remote Controller RC-6 Other Hnd Strp e, GP-e F System/ Ponts ⊃ Perpherl Cross type F ponts wll not functon s cross type F ponts wth the followng lenses: eF 5-80mm f4-5.6 (//USM), eF5-05mm f4.5-5.6 (USM). eF 80-00mm f4.5-5.6 () Predctve F ⊃ wth eF00mm f/.8L S USM t 50kph Mgnfcton ⊃ wth 50mm lens t nfnty, -m- dpt Contnuous Shootng ⊃ Lrge/Fne(Qulty 8) resoluton
⊃ Bsed on Cnon's testng condtons, JPeG, SO 00, Stndrd Pcture Style. Vres dependng on the subject, memory crd brnd nd cpcty, mge recordng qulty, SO speed, drve mode, Pcture Style, Custom functons etc.
⊃ Mxmum fps nd buffer cpcty my be reduced dependng on the cmers settngs nd lght level Bttery Lfe ⊃ Bsed on the CP Stndrd nd usng the btteres nd memory crd formt suppled wth the cmer, except where ndcted
    *Recommended exposure ndex ll dt s bsed on Cnon stndrd testng methods except where ndcted. Subject to chnge wthout notce.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera Body Reviews


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