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Olympus Mirrorless Cameras

Olympus mirrorless cameras are based on the popular micro four thirds sensor, offering extremely compact designs and highly responsive advanced functionality. We are an Olympus PEN Elite Centre which allows us to provide the complete range of PEN and OM-D camera series at extremely competitive prices both online and in-store.

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Free Olympus Battery Grip worth £249 £175 off. Voucher code OLYMPUS-175 Save £120 on Capture One Pro 21
Free Olympus Battery Grip worth £249 £175 off. Voucher code OLYMPUS-175 Save £120 on Capture One Pro 21
Free Olympus Battery Grip worth £249 £175 off. Voucher code OLYMPUS-175 Save £120 on Capture One Pro 21
3 items

What is a micro four thirds camera?

Micro four thirds is a system developed jointly between Olympus and Panasonic in 2008 with a number of benefits over both DSLR and compact digital cameras. Being mirrorless, they do away with the internal mechanism found in DSLRs which means they are smaller and lighter. The shorter flange distance means the lenses can be mounted closer to the focal plane, offering arguably sharper images from edge to edge. A huge number of micro four thirds lenses are available for this range, which are interchangeable between Lumix and Olympus bodies.

Which Olympus Camera Models Are There?

OM-D Series:

Various models are suitable for beginners, advanced amateurs and professionals from the OM-D series mirrorless cameras. They feature cutting edge, fast phase detect autofocus, superb high resolution image quality, and excellent video capabilities with 4K+ movies. C4K is also available with certain models, bringing beautiful quality capture into the hands of Vloggers and movie makers everywhere. High speed shooting will appeal to sports and wildlife photographers who also benefit from particularly lightweight telephoto zoom lenses.

Sensor shift stabilisation is exceptional, claiming the world’s most successful technology currently. With camera bodies which are compact, lightweight and extremely quick, these are loved by photographers across all genres.

Weather sealing for these models is highly competent although Tough waterproof cameras are fully waterproof and more suitable for water sports and diving.

PEN Mirrorless Cameras

Park Cameras offer the gorgeous Olympus PEN generation of cameras, including F and PL models. These compact cameras are the perfect accessories for the fashion-conscious photographer and look great wherever they may travel, whilst also providing excellent image quality with the benefit of interchangeable lenses.

For those seeking a cost effective alternative to buying new, we provide used Olympus cameras together with a host of compatible flashguns and accessories, perfect for completing any equipment purchase.

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Trade in your old equipment

Fast and easy trade in service ensures your old gear is collected efficiently and you are paid quickly! It's very simple to trade in your unwanted photography gear. Just head over to our dedicated Sell or Part Exchange page, fill out the details, and we'll get back to you with an offer for your old gear. Take the cash, or put it towards the cost of your new gear. It's up to you! Find out more

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