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Memory Card Readers

memory card readers

Data back-up and storage is an essential part of photography. Keeping your images safe, transferring images from memory card to computer & on to back-up hard drives for safe storage, and using reliable tools are key to ensuring you don’t lose any of your work.

Unless your computer comes with a memory card slot suitable to accept your camera’s card, then you’ll likely need a card reader in order to transfer your images.

Card readers for cameras are simple devices, plugging into a USB port on one end and accepting a memory card in a slot on the other end. These are also known as USB card readers and simply act as a conduit between your memory card and computer.

There’s a wide variety of USB card readers available, for all types of memory cards; ranging from single card readers to multi-card readers that will accept many different types of memory card.

When buying a card reader, you firstly need to know which memory card you have – whether it’s an SD Card, CF (compact flash) card, CFast card, XQD card, and many more.

So whether you’ve got a Lexar, Sandisk, Fujifilm, or any other brand of memory card, choose from our range of USB card readers (including USB 3.0 compatible) and readers designed for the latest, high performance cards.