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Rain Covers

Camera Rain Covers

Here in the UK, we photographers are blessed with beautiful countryside, stunning scenery, and abundant flora and fauna, offering endless opportunities to capture beautiful images, whether it’s up the side of a mountain or in a nature reserve.

However, with these seemingly infinite photographic opportunities comes a high chance of rain.

While waterproof cameras are popular for holidays or extreme sports, and many high-end digital cameras are increasingly coming with some level of rain or water resistance, you still don’t want to soak your camera unnecessarily, and you’ll still get your memory cards wet when changing them.

The solution to this problem? A rain cover.

A camera rain cover is a simple, yet effective device that protects your camera, either DSLR, mirrorless, or video, from the fate of the British weather, while also allowing you access to your camera to change settings and swap memory cards.

At Park Cameras we have a great range of rain covers for all sorts of cameras, and they’re available to buy online or in one of our two showroom photographic stores.


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