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Camera Sliders

camera sliders

For professional video creators, a camera slider is an essential piece of kit for achieving precise and smooth camera tracking movement in a controlled and reliable way.

In order to achieve those steady and smooth glider video shots, a slider allows the filmmaker to move the camera in a uniformed direction and at a steady pace. In order to achieve the same results manually, you’d need a Surgeon’s hands.

There’s a wide range of camera sliders available on the market, designed to meet a multitude of video uses. From short sliders that are perfect for table top videography, such as food shoots or macro video, to extra long sliders that span over two tripods or stands and allow you to capture a long sliding shot. Then there’s the Syrp system which allows for precision and programmed control over much longer distances.

Watch a timelapse of the Park Cameras Burgess Hill store from our 2017 Imaging Festival shot with a Syrp slider.

Camera sliders are available to buy online at Park Cameras or for expert advice, pop into one of our two showroom stores where our staff will be happy to help.


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