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Video Tripods

video tripods

Video tripods differ slightly from their still photography counterparts in several ways. When buying a video tripod you should be considering what equipment it will be supporting.

Tripods for video vary in their weight carrying capacity and both the legs and head have individual capacity limits. If your camera and lens setup is too heavy it will damage the video head or legs, so it’s essential to consider how the weight limit.

When considering which video tripod to buy, you should also compare which kind of video head you need. If you’re doing panning and motion video then you’ll want a fluid video head that offers smooth movement. Many of our video tripods come with heads in a kit form.

For heavier loads, some video tripods come with horizontal spreaders, either on the base of the tripod or half way up that provide extra torsional stability and improve the load capacity.

At Park Cameras we stock a huge range of tripods for video work and tripod heads from leading manufacturers including Manfrotto, Benro, and Velbon.


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