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Fujifilm Lenses (X mount)

fujifilm x lenses

Fujifilm X Lenses are designed and built as the perfect complement to the Fujifilm X Series of compact system cameras. These mirrorless cameras from Fuji offer a shorter back focus than other brands, and this is the defining feature of the design of Fuji X Mount lenses.

Designed specifically to make the most out of the mirrorless design of the Fujifilm X Series of cameras, the X mount lenses have a short flange distance of only 17.7mm, meaning the rear elements of the lens are as close as possible to the imaging sensor.

The wide X mount opening allows the lens to be mounted deeper within the body – up to 7.5mm from the mount surface – reducing the back-focus distance of each lens to the minimum possible, therefore achieving high resolution all the way to the edge of the image.

As a Fujifilm Pro Dealer, Park Cameras can offer all the Fujifilm XF lenses as well as a growing range of Samyang lenses including Samyang X mount lenses.

If you’d like to get hands on with Fuji lenses or Fujifilm X series compact system cameras, visit our Central London camera store or our store at Burgess Hill to see them for yourself.


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