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Micro Four Thirds Lenses

micro four thirds lenses

Developed jointly by Olympus and Panasonic in 2008, the Micro Four Thirds system offers several benefits over both DSLR cameras and compact digital cameras.

Micro Four Thirds lenses are smaller and lighter than DSLR camera lenses; the shorter flange focal distance means that most manual lenses can be adapted for use with micro four thirds cameras. The electronic viewfinder can be used when filming videos and can show a real-time preview of exposure, white balance and tone, as well as showing a low light scene slightly brighter than it really is.

Compared to compact digital camera lenses, micro four thirds lenses have a greatly increased sensor size (around 5-9 times as big), delivering much better image quality, particularly in low light and dynamic range performance. They are interchangeable, allowing for more optical choices including niche and future lenses, they also provide a shallower depth of field for better bokeh.

Olympus micro four thirds lenses are designed for use with the Olympus PEN and Olympus OM-D Pro mirrorless cameras, these Zuiko lenses are designed to meet the needs of both enthusiasts and professional photographers who demand the uncompromising best in clear image quality and build precision.

Panasonic micro four thirds lenses are Lumix G lenses for use with their range of mirrorless compact system cameras using the micro four thirds sensor. Available in focal lengths ranging from wide-angle, to portrait prime lenses, to standard zooms and through to long telephoto lenses, these Panasonic Lumix G lenses are exceptionally high quality and delivery stunning images.

Third party lenses are also available from the likes of Voigtlander, Sigma, and Samyang.

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