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Lens Caps & Hoods

Lens Hoods & Lens Caps

Lens Hoods & Lens Caps

What does a lens hood do?

Lens hoods serve a couple of purposes: to shield the lens from direct light that creates ‘lens flare’, and to protect your lens against accidental knocks and bumps, just as UV filters used to protect the front lens element from scratches.

Lens caps, on the other hand, are used to protect your camera lens when you’re not using it. They keep dust and moisture off your front element and prevent it from getting scratched. However, lens caps can easily get lost; we’ve all put one down and forgotten about it at some point. Many photographers often need to replace smaller items and accessories such as lens caps, which are essential to protecting your lens.

Lens hoods can also break or the mount can become tired and work and therefore they need replacing, or you might just need a replacement lens hood or lens cap - just in case.

Thankfully, at Park Cameras we stock a wide variety of lens hoods & lens caps for all the major brands including lens hoods for Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic Lumix.


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