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For photographers, flashguns are often essential pieces of equipment, particularly for wedding and events photographers.

A flashgun, also often referred to as a Speedlite or Speedlight is a small, portable flash unit that produces a burst of artificial light at a temperature of around 5500K. They are designed for portability and to be used to illuminate small rooms or dark scenes. Flashguns can be used either attached to a cameras’ hotshoe or off-camera by using a remote trigger or, in some cases, a cameras’ in built remote system.

Flash units are usually brand-only compatible, which means a Nikon flash will only work with a Nikon camera and a Canon flash will only work with a Canon camera. However, there are manufacturers such as Nissin and Metz who make third-party flashguns for all camera brands.

At Park Cameras we have an extensive range of flashguns available, from small units for mirrorless or compact cameras, to full size professional Speedlites for reliable and regular use, to ring-flash units for creative image making.

Portable flash units can also be used with a range of softboxes for flashguns, diffusers & coloured gels for flashguns, flash brackets, and flashgun triggers & receivers.

Our range of flash guns are available to buy online or in store at either our London showroom or our Burgess Hill showroom.


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