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Lens Filters
Filters, used by many photographers, including landscape photographers, are pieces of glass or resin that sit in front of your lens and change the way light travels onto your camera’s sensor by altering the colour, exposure or direction of light to give a variety of creative effects.

Lens filters range in usage from a simple skylight or UV filter designed to protect your lens against harmful UV rays and accidental damage, to dark Neutral Density (ND) filters like the Lee Filters ‘Big Stopper’ that will cut the exposure and allow landscape photographers to use a longer shutter speed to capture a more evenly exposed image.

Whether you’re looking for a filter to protect your lens from ultraviolet rays or you want to get creative with your photography with a polarising filter, graduated filter or colour filter, there’s going to be something that will do what you need it to.

Park Cameras stocks a huge range of filters from all the leading brands including Cokin filters, LEE Filters, Hoya filters, and Tiffen filters as well as holders, adapters, stepping rings and other filter accessories to give you a complete kit.

If you’re looking for a guide to using filters, check out our Lens Filters Buying Guide for a full breakdown explaining exactly what a camera filter is, what polarising filters, ND filters, Macro filters, Graduated filters and UV filters are.


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